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  1. Just checked my Holiday information booklet for Arcadia J915 . It refers to Shore Experiences, which I admit I hadn’t noticed had changed, but refers to the accommodation as “cabin” all the time, no mention of “room”.
  2. On our next cruise we have 7 formal nights. My husband does not like “dressing up” for these but does so as that is P&O rules and we were aware of this before booking. He also does not do Tropical!!!. I have long scars on both legs from 5 major knee operations and prefer to cover these in the evenings as get lots of “looks” during the daytime when in shorts or swimsuit which makes me feel uncomfortable, but doesn’t stop me wearing them. I also cannot wear any shoes with a heel so wear flats or sandals for formal nights without any problems.
  3. Hi Slugsta Have joined roll call. Only looked at excursions early as our last cruise to the Northern Lights in February had all the excursions available from October. 4 months to go now
  4. Hi we are booked on Arcadia sailing 16 Sept for Canada. It is 18 weeks before we sail, the balance isn’t due for another 4 weeks yet all the excursions are available on cruise personaliser to book. Is this normal or are they exceptionally early and what is the likelihood of further excursions becoming available nearer the time.
  5. Hi Dorsetdumpling Have already booke Rauma train for Andalsnes, Husky dog sled at Tromso and Ice Hotel in Alta. We are on the Aurora as well in 3 weeks. Getting our thermals ready! Sunbedsue
  6. It is listed in the sample excursions for the November 2019 cruises however we did not have the option of any snow based trips such as dog sled, Ice hotel or reindeer sleigh as not enough snow, therefore we are back on Aurora this month hoping to do these. sunbedsue
  7. Hi We did this cruise in November 2017. One trip that we felt excellent was the Tirptiz War Museum in Alta. The information and exhibits were very interesting and had actual items salvaged from the ship. Also mention of the x-boats attack and actual footage from survivors of the event. Sunbedsue
  8. I know you can take 1litre of spirts per person when embarking for your cruise but how would this equate if taking pre-mixed cans of Gin& Tonic? Going on the basis that each can contains 1 unit of alcohol and there are 37 units in a litre of gin does this mean I can take up to 37 cans per person (not that I would due to weight and likelihood of not drinking that much on the cruise) sunbedsue
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