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  1. We are set to cruise on October 15 with our final payment approaching. We are being told we’ll lose our deposit if the final payment is not made or, pay the total then be eligible to rebook if US citizens are not allowed entrance. We are currently trying to move our deposit and reschedule for 2021 but have not heard back. We are trying to be patient as this is such a strange time. As a healthcare worker in NC, I’m heartbroken by what is happening. We need to be safe, take care of each other and dream of beautiful places far from our sofas!
  2. Very excited about the feedback! Let’s just hope the current situation allows for travel early 2020.
  3. Hello All, I posted yesterday under a under another topic but wanted to start with a new question. As we are from the US, we’re resolved our October cruise will be a no-go. We’re looking at options to reschedule and may be considering March versus October 2021. We were originally sailing Southbound on the Trollfjord but the Kong Harald was suggested as a good alternative (thanks). Our goal is to see the Northern Lights and the beautiful coastline. So, any info on sailing in Mid-March would be appreciated. Thanks....
  4. Thanks for the recommendation; I’ll be checking out potential 2021 dates.
  5. We’re working on options; we cannot rebook without losing our deposit since our cruise hasn’t been cancelled, is scheduled after 9.30.20 and US travel hasn’t been determined through the fall months. Our option is to pay in full and wait for a cancellation but hoping Hurtigruten will allow us to move our deposit to 2021. Thanks for reminding me to check the Norwegian site. We’ll have to research alternate ships as we we’re traveling on the Trollfjord.
  6. With an October 2020 Southbound cruise booked, my husband and I find ourselves in limbo. We have final payment coming due, ineligible for free rebooking (I believe free rebooking is available on itineraries up to 9/30) and feel travel from the US will most likely not be allowed. We are trying to look ahead to 2021 since we still want to reschedule in some fashion and, as mentioned, cannot find 2021 sail dates. Any clue as to when these sailing dates will be posted?
  7. SarniaLo, Thanks for the beautiful pictures! We are sailing Southbound mid-October with the hopes of some fall colors and the Northern lights! Either way, this will be our first trip to Norway and will enjoy every minute.
  8. Clo, We agree! Our trip is two years in the making with a lot of overtime hours worked, all for our "travel fund". We never take for granted these opportunities to explore. Please check out the Gamme cabins/ packages offered by the Snowhotel; maybe we are traveling at a good time of year as our price for a 2 night stay plus extras was much more manageable.
  9. Just a quick update regarding Kirkenes. We were able to book a package at the Snowhotel; transfers, 2 nights in a Gamme cabin, dogsledding, Northern Lights hunting and some meals. The Snowhotel is advertising they are open 365 days a year as well, hope to get a peek. Hoping to have a few great days in Kirkenes prior to our SB cruise!
  10. My husband and I will be traveling on the cruise South in October of 2020. We have already pre-booked two excursions but was wondering if a hike up Torghatten was available? It is not listed as an excursion but mentioned in the itinerary (Hurtigruten website); "participate on a hike up the mountain". Any info from others with "Southbound" experience is welcome!
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