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  1. We have done this several times. The wine needs to be in your carryon bag when boarding the ship.
  2. It's a great itinerary. We did the cruise in September, embarking in San Juan. We only had to do muster in San Juan.
  3. It is rolled and given to you in a sturdy cylinder. We bought the package on our last cruise. We were very Happy with. Also, we had no problem bringing the tube with our canvas in it on board the plane.
  4. We did that same itinerary in September but with Dominica added. Very busy cruise. St. Thomas--Magen's Bay or Sapphire 🌴 Dominica--we did an island botanical tour Barbados--we did the Atlantis Submarine St. Lucia--Deep Sea Fishing St. Kitts--We did Thenford Grey's Island Tour. It included a couple of hours at Shipwreck Beach St. Maarten--Maho Beach
  5. Are you driving down through Birmingham? If so, please note that I20/59 is closed through downtown for road construction, so you will have to detour on I459 around to 65 South. 459 and 65 both tend to have heavy traffic before the construction started and will be even more so now. If going that route, you will need to factor in more driving time to get to the port before they close it. If sail away is at 4, the terminal will close at 3.
  6. Avoid Diamonds International like the plague! Stop your husband from participating in the hairy chest contest (he did come in third) but I was ready to file for a divorce when we got home. LOL.
  7. Hubby wears his tux both nights also. I dress up also--And I mean dressy. We get many compliments on how we are dressed. We are going on a Journeys cruise next month, so we will be dressed up all 3 of the elegant nights.
  8. Hubby and I are the same. We bought his tux years ago for our daughter's wedding. I own 2 formal gowns and 3 cocktail dresses. We dress up for each other and enjoy doing it.
  9. We were on the Fascination in September also. Hubby owns a tux and enjoys wearing it and I love to dress up also. We dressed up both elegant nights and though the majority weren't dressed formally, we were comfortable with the way we were dressed. It's a personal choice.
  10. My husband is a retired Federal employee. We went through several government shutdowns but none this long. I know how difficult the uncertainty can be. So sorry this is happening.
  11. That's identical to U161 which we had in September.
  12. You're welcome. I am an Alabama native so always glad to help out a neighbor.
  13. I just checked with someone I know from Metairie. Metairie is safer than NO but as with any large metropolitan area, there is going to be some crime. She advised to not leave any belongings in the car where they would be visible. Also, there is a lot of road repair/construction going on in that area so traffic is heavy and will be heavier while you are there because of the Jazz Festival. Hope you have a great time on your cruise.
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