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  1. Cruiserchuck, yes it should be less windy/cold when the ship is in port but I was specifically planning around my sea days in this case. From Fragilek's comments, things don't seem very promising : "... it would be very very unlikely to still be pleasantly warm enough to eat out on board a ship in the evening. You would be counting the days a year that that will happen on one hand (exception to that rule was last year, previous to that was 1976)." Yikes.
  2. Thanks for all your comments. Yes, I guessed as much it would be cold and windy (Kentlady says it was chilly in the Caribbean, what more north of Scotland?!). I would prefer to try LCG at lunchtime when it would be warmer presumably, but the Celebrity website doesn't seem to offer lunchtime slots. Maybe I'll try again once I'm onboard and have a better idea of the weather. Who knows with global warming and all that these days...!
  3. First time on Reflection. Am tempted to try out Lawn Club Grill on a sea day on upcoming Ireland-Iceland trip in June. Am wondering if it'll be warm enough to actually enjoy the experience. Has anyone dined at LCG before in early/mid-June in the middle of the ocean north of Scotland? Any views/comments would be much appreciated.
  4. Taylortime05, if, as you say, it will be your first time in Europe, then I would recommend that you visit Delos. Sure, there are more impressive ruins like Pompeii, Rome, Athens, etc, but for a first-timer, Delos can be fascinating as well. That was how I felt when I visited Delos some years ago, never having visited any of the other more famous ruins before at that time. Although I had the opportunities to, I never bothered with ruins before that as I didn't think they would interest me. Delos changed all that and I now eagerly plan visits to other famous ruins. Having said that, I'd opt for the second tour as it would give you time of your own in Mykonos. I agree with the others that Mykonos is best discovered on your own, even if just wandering around aimlessly. Inevitably though, you'll probably end up at the windmills at dusk enjoying a G&T or glass of wine while watching the fierce orange sun slowly sink below the horizon. But get there early to grab a seat before the crowds come.
  5. "They claimed that this guy had been using the same tongs to grab multiple entrees, which went against their culture and/or dietary needs" If they're from India, I suspect they are vegetarians (for religious reasons) so if that fella used the same tongs to grab some salami and then some vegetable salad, they would have reason to be upset.
  6. Thanks for all your views. I guess it's best to take a private tour then to be sure of visiting Civita dB. It's just that the Oceania tour was cheaper (assuming I can't get anyone to share a private tour) and even included a meal. But it's OK, not too fussed about missing a meal!
  7. Has anyone been on Oceania's "Orvieto, undiscovered Italy" (departing from Civitavecchia port) excursion before? I'm just wondering if it also includes a side trip to the "dying village" of Civita di Bagnoregio. Most private tours to Orvieto do include Civita as well but Oceania's makes no mention of it. I would prefer a tour that includes Civita.
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