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  1. DISC30 - 30% off discount EASYFARE - Early booking fare LATREW - Auto applied to latitude member reservations. Gives latitude members their specific tier discounts/benefits onboard. SHX50 - $50 credit for shore excursions
  2. The Chase Reserve travel coverage is quite substantial. https://www.chase.com/card-benefits/sapphirepreferred/travel .
  3. I'm having this problem right now. First I used the Forgot Password function and updated my password. When that didn't fix the problem, I tried using different usernames. First try was my latitude number. Still not getting in. For my third attempt I used my e-mail address as the username and presto - I'm in.
  4. Its spreading like wildfire. I see posts from folks that indicate the cancellations are on the local news stations. Guess people really want to believe bad news. Thanks GA Dave & the others for calling BS
  5. Before panic sets in, check out this post which describes a Miami Herald story of cruise cancellations. Cruiser GA Dave posted an article which indicates it was posted 14 hours ago. However, bottom of page indicates copyright 2020. The days of the week don't jive. Gives new meaning to the term fake news.
  6. #1 On-board credit for stockholders: https://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/static-files/91699aad-cb30-4ff6-8e40-4dc290cb03b5
  7. The "HAVE IT ALL" sales are dynamic. As a poster mentioned, the terms and amenities change on a regular basis. HAL doesn't change its name (HAVE IT ALL) when it is revised. I've attached the sale from a Black Friday 2020 email from Holland America.
  8. Will see you (hopefully) onboard. Fully vaccinated and ready to sail. Booked this cruise as an addition to the previous 11-day from New York to Panama (Feb 10 to Feb 21.) Figured that since we will already be in Panama, may as well stay onboard in the same cabin for this subsequent 9-day. Based on your posting of a “great deal” I went back and repriced our cruise. Didn’t see anything that I consider great - (my perspective, YMMV). I booked this back in October 2020 and it seems the price has increased @$300.00 Fingers crossed that normal cruising will resume by February. (Three canceled cruises, so far)
  9. Amazing how such a simple concept of a 10% off certificate can become so convoluted and confusing from a poorly written notice. The notice calls for a 10% discount, but does not specify 10% of what number: price of canceled cruise, amount already paid on that cruise, price of future cruise, etc. (MsTabbyKats indicates she spoke to NCL and was assured it's 10% off the price of the future cruise. Thanks TABBY) The gist of this thread seems to be, for an uncertain reason(s), that only one such 10% off can be listed on an individual's account. Apparently my PCC is very good at what she does. I had two cruises (back to back) canceled on the Joy. When I signed into my account to verify the 10% off, I found only one discount. Signed into my bride's account, and presto the second 10% is peacefully resting there. Problem solved by PCC before I knew there was a problem. Thanks PCC. My concern is applying a 10% off to a future cruise, only to have that cruise canceled as well. I worry that in such a case my 10% off would disappear faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend when the car pulls up. I like BACK TO SCHOOL 's thinking - don’t apply the 10% discount now, wait for the final payment due date 120/60 when (hopefully) the fate of that cruise will be more certain.
  10. Looking for honest opinion on the RCL Grandeur of the Seas. Have never been on a RCL ship. We are a 60-something couple and have previously sailed with Holland America, Queen Mary 2, and a ton of times on Norwegian. The bride found a great price on the Grandeur for a 2023 Caribbean cruise. With the pricing so good (too good???) we are leaning towards a suite cabin. With the price so good, I started to research the Grandeur. Note that is a smaller & older ship. We are not interested in wall climbing or daredevil pool slides. Can somebody who was been on the Grandeur comment on the conditions of such an older ship, specific suite benefits found on the Grandeur, the beverage package, quality of food etc? Thank you in advance.
  11. It's not just NCL. I had one of the "cove" balconies on a transatlantic on Queen Mary 2. Couldn't see much from a seated position but was fine while standing. Not much to see from the balcony on a transatlantic. As you travel west or east, sunrises and sunsets are really visible from fore and aft of the ship. Didn't complain as I purchased the cheapest category inside cabin with free one way airfare. I noticed that there were many balconies still unsold a couple of weeks prior to sailing. Called my agent and was given a complimentary upgrade to the "cove". Wound up with a transatlantic on the QM2 with free airfare AND a balcony for $999.00 per person. The sea was relatively calm, but this was August 2019 and on a true liner specifically designed & built for unpredictable transatlantic voyages.
  12. Depending on when your cruise is sailing, this could offer can provide some free peace of mind in regards to the airfare. I am sailing (hopefully) Feb 2022 from New York to Panama City. NCL is charging me $199.00 for the return flight to NY and the bride flies free. Pricing works for me. Of course I'm at their mercy as NCL will not schedule/cater the flight details to my whims. I take whatever flight they give me. Its a post cruise flight, so if NCL screws up and I miss the flight, I am not missing part of the cruise. Worst case scenario is we get delayed a few hours at the airport or put up in a hotel in Panama City for the night at somebody's expense (NCL, the airline, or my Chase Sapphire card). However, nobody knows for sure when cruising will re-start. I'm not trying to instigate a flame war about (1) not having a positive attitude, and (2) am aware that its not NCL's fault, they certainly want to resume sailing ASAP. Its just that the future is uncertain and the last year has shown us that despite all the promises and target dates, it's impossible to nail down a date that things will finally return to some sort of semblance of normal. But, (1) if the cruise does cancel or (2) the cruise becomes so restrictive that its no longer a vacation & I cancel prior to final payment then I don't have the headache of being stuck with useless airline tickets or having to purchase expensive insurance, as NCL is doing the ticketing. If the cruise does not go as planned, then my airfare automatically cancels - no worries. I had a December 2020 cruise from Barcelona canceled on me due to COVID. For that cruise I purchased three one way airline tickets from NY to Barcelona. I nearly ate the cost of those non-refundable tickets. Fortunately a few days before the scheduled flight, the airline delayed (canceled) my flight and rebooked me on another flight 12 hours later.
  13. Agree with PTCDAWG - Barrachina Restaurant was a very nice dining experience. We walked from the ship - six to eight city blocks from the pier. Our visit was also the first port on a 12-day Caribbean cruise from New York. We also docked at 4 PM
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