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  1. Assuming it works, and they don’t close it for cleaning overnight.....
  2. As soon as the port opens with customs officers in attendance. the ship may be docked at 5 am but Customs not staffed until 730. You can do self disembark and line up to be in the first 100 or so to leave.. but bear in mind a lot of people opt for this so the line starts forming as early as 2 plus hours prior to the scheduled time listed in the night before’s documentation. and if only 1 or 2 Customs officers show up for work, it takes a while
  3. In fairness.. the McD lawsuit was entirely justified. As a former employee during that era, I can attest that the temperature it was being served at was a good 30 degrees hotter than safe. The roof of my mouth is still dead.
  4. not gonna happen. ships sail full. on the extremely rare chance a cabin will be available, it could be anywhere and will be at rack rate( no discount) showers in the gym.
  5. in most places after ten the little darling aren't even going to be out dancing. they will be in bed or in the kids club/nursery while the 'rents cut a rug. if you are so worried then YOU don't dance when there are kids the floor and YOU keep any kids you are responsible for off the floor.
  6. Heck I ask for an entree sized portion of the pork belly.
  7. Simple. Just go to the one lounge designated adult only after 10 pm. No kids.
  8. welp is he prepared to be sent off the ship at a foreign port and expected to get home on his own time and dime because the cruise line kicks him off for being unable to take care of himself? they will NOT make any accommodations for him once on board outside of a few small ones involving muster. is he prepared to foot the bill for whoever has to leave the ship with him? oh and since his doctors say he shouldn't be going, any insurance he has will NOT pay out after the fact. the cabin has a ( fairly steep ) step up to the bathroom in all categories except an accessible one. I was 6 weeks post hip replacement on my last cruise and even with the cane/walker it was interesting especially during rough seas. they do NOT have any wheelchairs on board for him to borrow on day 2 if he suddenly decides that maybe he does need one after all. if the ship's doctor refuses him boarding ( and they can with no recourse) then what? again, ,insurance won't pay out because he had been advised to not sail in the first place. what about the ill will amongst the family who now have to adjust everything in order to take care of him?
  9. and have back ups ready for the day of. the helicopter tours get canceled for wind/weather often.
  10. press and fold is about half the cost of dry cleaning. dry cleaning is actually comparable to local prices at home we have found. also, about half way through there is a wash and fold bag you can stuff for about $30-35 that is perfect for tee shirts and undies( I wouldn't put anything important in it though)
  11. It’s a very long way. and It’s not accessible. Parts of the garden are which is where many of the cats hang out.
  12. just keep in mind that they may not get back to you right away. they tend to communicate the week prior to embarkation.
  13. if there is a Park Cafe, there is Beef on Weck. tif there isn't then anything served at any point whether it be windjammer or elsewhere, is a poor substitute.
  14. depends on Ship and venue. for instance, the Comedy club on the bigger ships: yup, definitely need to make reservations. for Serenade? not necessary at all.
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