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  1. A cruise ship has what, ten places, max? I have ten within walking distance and I’m not even near the beach. I am about to go to the beach for dinner. Even though I have the location pre chosen, I’d have the option of almost 2 dozen different cuisines within 5 miles.
  2. Dumb idea. costs way more money to keep a ship tied up to the pier than they could make in day passes. plus, the piers are used for other things
  3. On board the Captain is God. What he says, goes. Some will refuse out of security concerns. Others, for safety reasons. Some have no problem allowing g it
  4. Nope. I have to wait and see if I can actually receive it. Until my doc prescribes it, I ain’t gettin’ it
  5. You need a third option..maybe. Unless my doctor says it is safe for me to get( I cannot get live vaccines) I won’t. If she does, I will.
  6. Only for dinner, and only if there is space available.
  7. The ‘teen’ club is a space only with very little organized events. And what there is tends to be video game tournaments or sports. It’s not really supervised either. Really they just tend to do their own thing in groups around the ship
  8. That’s what travel insurance is for. It’s not the cruise lines fault your personal circumstances prevent you from cruising.
  9. Even if we wanted to, mr spook’s job has forbidden any travel. He is limited to 100 miles from home. Soonest he can expect that restriction lifted is October. And even then, it’s only 50/50 that it will be lifted.
  10. If you can book the same cabin for both legs, great. if not, the cabin steward will move everything for you to the new cabin. you will have to physically disembark between the two. Each ship will handle it differently based on a variety of factors, although you can usually expect to be the first ones back on board, and maybe a special lunch.
  11. we had an aft GS booked for this year...*sigh*..... we always book suites, regardless of ship or itinerary. we like the lounge access, breakfast in a specialty and a few other minor perks.
  12. Do Tokyo on your own. The trains are bi lingual. Ueno Park has the zoo, several fantastic museums and a butt ton of people watching. Tokyo Disney/Disney Sea are worth it if you have the time. shopping at the Ginza or Achihabara. the outer gardens at the Palace.
  13. As a general rule, do not expect to be allowed to bring a scooter on most tenders. Wheelchairs on board are not loaned out unless you get injured on board. as for assistance at the port.. again, not a guarantee.
  14. There are none to speak of. River cruises are very up front about not being Fully accessible. i can think of several ports that require many steps to get up to the main drag. I am very familiar with Maysville for instance as my paternal side of the family is from 11 miles away.
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