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  1. the actual interior of COMFORT and MERCY is quite open. the lifts are wide enough to accommodate a gurney and entire support staff, the stairs are wide and shallow, even compared to a cruise ship. the only 'cramped' areas are actually the crew berthing, and even compared to a Cruiser or destroyer, are quite spacious and comfy. I'll ask Mr spook to provide pictures of COMFORT as he was deployed on her back in 2015.
  2. what's you opinion on July? we booked our Alaska cruise for the end of July back in January. final payment is due at the end of April and as of today we are waiting until then to decide one way or the other. (Vancouver start point) FL Governor has stated the state of emergency ends on 8 May( so far) so I do not anticipate any cruises out of here before 1 June.
  3. hell there was table of twice that once. they basically had 2 dedicated wait staff and the entire back end of the restaurant to themselves.
  4. masks are a waste unless you ALREADY HAVE IT. and if that is the case you damn well better NOT be sailing the ship will have sanitizer on board and plenty of it. Most Clorox brand items will work for additional in stateroom cleaning. quite frankly, cruise ships do a better job of cleaning public areas than most public schools and venues. all you have to do is wash your hands . A LOT. as in every time you pass by a restroom, step in and scrub away.
  5. sounds like this TA has a policy of charging for cancelation. no one is under an obligation to suspend their policies even during times such as this. so is it fair? yes. is it legal? yep. as for whether it is the right thing to do? no comment. Im not in a position to pass judgment on a company for doing business as per usual
  6. 1> no however you can get an extra card that only opens the door 2> nope. there will be other options available 3> strictly personal preference based on what you like and are looking for in a dining experience
  7. depends on the 4 people( adult versus kid and ages of the kids) as well as what you consider 'comfortable' the average cruise cabin is much smaller than a hotel room. in many cases a pair of cabins( connecting or otherwise) is less expensive than a suite, extra bathroom and more overall space. balcony for the parents with an inside across the hall for the kids is a popular configuration if the kids are older.
  8. none. for good reason. ESAs are not trained to ignore distractions, to pee on command and other requirements that make them different from a true service animal.
  9. you can buy overpriced and stale ones in the shop that sells the liquor too.
  10. hibachi is not covered. they don't care who gets the 'free' meal
  11. pick a random time to satisfy the online requirements. you can usually change to your preferred times on board with zero hassle
  12. officially, no. everyone must show their invite and only those eligible get said invite. quite honestly these top tier events are nothing special whatsoever.
  13. do not assume it will be formal night if the date falls on any other day other than the 'typical' formal nights. there will be a special menu, maybe with one or two 'fancier' entrees. there will probably be 2 NYE themed activities, one earlier and family friendly, the other at midnight local and much more adult. there will also be (expensive) other options that include Champagne toasts and maybe a small buffet or seating at a specialty. other theme nights include White Night, decade night etc.
  14. nope. no switching between MTD and Traditional. your options are to eat elsewhere such as the buffet or a specialty, or to choose different show times. being more than 10 minutes past your set dining time is bad form and throws everything off. it will not only affect your dining, but the dining of your table mates and those around you.
  15. better suggestion: book the balcony for yourselves and an interior across the hall for the kids. , or book connecting Promenade /interior balcony rooms
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