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  1. Thanks for the note about no Ubers! Are there taxis typically available near the port? My parents both can’t walk long distances so we’re trying to decide whether to get off and find a restaurant or just enjoy a day on the ship. Thank you!
  2. Hi there! We are currently onboard the Emerald and we brought a firestick to watch live sports today and tomorrow (we’re big football fans). Has anyone successfully connected a firestick to the TV in their stateroom? Thank you!
  3. Hi there, I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked - I've tried searching and found answers that led me to more questions. We are booked in a full suite for an upcoming New England/Canada cruise and I have a couple of questions about how some of the suite benefits work. 1) Specialty Dining on embarkation night: Can we make reservations ahead of time or do we have to wait until we're on the ship? Or do we even need reservations at all for this night? 2) Reserve Dining in MDR: We are sailing on the Emerald - will something onboard tell us where we need to go (is there a specific dining room we go to)? Along with this - do we have the same staff from night to night with reserve dining? 3) Mini bar - I'm not sure if this is specific to suites, but I've read about folks changing out the mini bar. We're not big drinkers so I think we would benefit from easy access to bottled water and maybe a few sodas. Is this a normal ask of your steward? Do we then pay for what we use from the mini bar? We have the plus plan so we can also go get drinks elsewhere on the ship. I think that's all for now - thank you in advance! We're new to this suite sailing but very much looking forward to it. If you have any other tips, I would welcome them. Thanks!
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