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  1. It won't benefit the cruise lines. Houston's economy is based largely on the oil industry. If a price war between the Saudis and Russia keeps going, the Texas oil fields can't make a profit and shut down (they are already unprofitable at today's prices). Houston refineries close. Tens of thousands of Texans (and employees in the industry in other gulf states) are laid off. The cruise industry loses a giant customer base.
  2. I was in one of these rooms in October. I never heard much noise from above (although we were not under the golf) and none from below. The room felt isolated from the rest of the ship and we never really saw anyone else in the hall except the steward who was always around. It was very convenient to the pool deck. One minor issue is that there were only 6 elevators in the forward (vs 8 in the rear) and if you are in the back of the ship and take the elevators there to Deck 12 it is the outdoor sun deck so you need to walk out in the sun/rain to get to your cabin.
  3. We did UDP on Mariner in October. Never tried Playmakers but did go to Izumi, Chops (twice) and Jamie's. Never attempted multiple entrees because a regular 3 course meal was more than enough for our group. At the habatchi the server proactively told everyone that dining plans included two proteins.
  4. There is an extra deck of cabins between the crown lofts and Deck 16 (Windjammer on the older ships).
  5. I like the new look in general. The giant logo on the side is a little much. It looks like they moved Windjammer down a deck and added an additional deck of suites above it.
  6. I had to go find photos of that area on Oasis but it does look like it will be in the middle. The door and windows match the middle entrance to the teen area.
  7. Maybe they will? The press images include the concept for the teen space which looks like it is still underneath the Windjammer. We will just need to wait and see exactly where they put it. http://m.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/image/5051/
  8. It was mentioned in the press release along with a new outdoor teen area. Teens can rejoice in their more off-the-grid hangout. With exclusive features like a “hidden” entrance, gaming lounge, movies, music, and a new, laidback outdoor deck, teens are free to engage however and whenever without interruption. http://m.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1396/oasis-of-the-seas-the-ship-that-changed-the-game-set-for-royal-caribbeanrsquos-largest-amplification-yet/
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if it was damaged. But I also wouldn't be surprised if they delayed reopening because of the risk of Humberto over the weekend.
  10. My best guess is that they needed a day with no ship scheduled in order to perform some maintenance or construction.
  11. No it is: 10/22: Coco 10/23: Nassau 10/24: Sea Day
  12. Drink package prices in general have gone up on all ships for all cruises. I also got it for $49 a month ago. However, Cabanas were $799 about a month ago when I was first looking. Many threads here for other sailings talk about them being listed for $1200 or more. The waterpark has been seen for $90 on some ships. I'm not too bothered by it either. Mariner+Grandeur is still less guests than a single Oasis.
  13. I also booked this cruise (after the itinerary change). Although I don't have any idea why they changed I can say that it didn't seem to be an attempt to raise CoCo Cay prices. In fact, my cruise planner has some of the lowest prices I've seen (comparing to others posting on CC). Looking at the prices today: Oasis Lagoon and Chill Island Cabana is $499 Thrill Waterpark Cabana is $299 Beach Bed is $199 Waterpark is $50 currently (It was even lower on sale when I bought it for $38 last month)
  14. Besides the seaweed how does the rest of it look after the hurricane? Any noticeable damage?
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