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  1. I'm considering the Allure for Nov 2020. Have you heard anything about the expected upgrades? I can't find anything online.
  2. Just completed binge reading your awesome 👏🏽 review. It’s been 3 whole months since my Symphony sail and this felt like I was cruising again. Thanks!
  3. Oh no! I hope that isn’t true but I’m sure that the staff is prepared for events like that.
  4. Settling in for the long wait at Miami airport. Multiple flights cancelled due to grounded planes. Those passengers are now on standby and it’s affecting other flights with delays.
  5. Departure day blues. Everyone’s walking around in a daze, not enough coffee to make up for the final night 😞. Disembarking with the Key was great. We could eat anywhere, leave anytime & although our personal escort was MIA, we found the special line by Sorrentos (most crew didn’t seem to know where it was) The luggage 🧳 for Key members was by the Suite & Pinnacle area. I’ll be doing a separate review for the Key when I’m fully awake.
  6. Day 7 wrap up as I sit in the Promenade by Copper & Kettle listening to music, might head up to Dazzles next. Sad news of the trip: I watched 3 people stand on the pier helpless as the ship pulled away. 2 got left behind in Roatan too. 😮
  7. Missed the family comedy show due to frantic packing, where did the day go? I did however catch the late viewing of Hiro. Another spectacular show “Bravo”
  8. Dinner tonight in the MDR was great! The best I’ve had there so far. Greek Salad, Tiger shrimp & my fav Creme Brûlée. Between you & me, I went all out & ordered 2 main courses, followed by viewing & buying a picture package.
  9. Short stop but such a lovely day in Nassau & Paradise Island. Met up with cousins at Sharkeez and got an Island tour, caves and craft market followed by lunch by D Waters Cafe.
  10. Final stop Nassau Bahamas 🇧🇸. Sharing the port with Disney, Carnival and a few others.
  11. A little spin around the dance floor at Boleros & suddenly it’s time to wrap up this thrilling day and get ready for Nassau tomorrow or is that later today?
  12. What time is it? It’s Crazy Quest time. 😮 I have no words 😶 Shout our Cruise Director was a Riot.
  13. The show and sets for Flight was phenomenal! Informative too about the history of flight ✈️
  14. Formal dining - Lobster tonight! The MDR was super crowded but the staff worked it is like a well oiled machine & we got in and out in time for the show. I love that all the restaurants and MDR are sensitive to allergies.
  15. Based on sightings, he seems to spend most of his time in the forward part of the ship. Finding him however is part of the fun.
  16. I’m hooked on Hooked Seafood. Lunch date with the DH while the boys went to Jonny Rockets. Everything that we had in Hooked was delish especially my lobster roll & seafood chowder. 😋 DH (Ed) loved the raw oysters.
  17. Extremely Windy day on deck with many areas in the Solarium closed including the lower deck. That didn’t stop some folks who wouldn’t let a little caution tape & staff warnings change their vacay plans.
  18. Happy Happy Joy joy! I finally ran into the stowaway pianist in the elevator. Love this guy. 2D1719CF-EDF2-4307-8084-942CCCD72D51.MOV
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