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  1. Thank you for the updates, can't wait for our two weeks on Oceana (for the first time on her) this July! Glad you are having a great cruise!
  2. Just curious as to how many people who have been waitlisted for excursions have then been given a place on that excursion? I know last cruise we booked on the waitlist and then were given a place on the excursion a few days later but wondered if we were just lucky or if P&O do really try to accommodate those on the waitlist.
  3. In August on Azura, one of the acts in the theatre was a ukulele band called Ukebox. We thought they were fantastic and went to both of their shows, I even bought their cd to take home. I know they do a few cruises with P&O so they may make an appearance on yours!
  4. Is this all TUI chartered (for P&O) flights or just the Caribbean ones?
  5. My parents will be on a transatlantic cruise on Britannia this March and I wanted to pre-purchase a select dining option for them as a surprise treat one evening/lunch. However, having not been Britannia myself (not yet!), I'm not sure which to choose. I thought maybe the Eric Lanyard Afternoon Tea as they will have quite a few sea days and it might be a nice treat one afternoon when nearing the UK and it might be a bit too cold to sunbathe? Any reviews on this, or other suggestions? Thanks in advance x
  6. In the summer we were around 2 hours earlier than our stated embarkation time and it was no problem at all! We went to the first member of staff we found, showed them our documentation and just explained "sorry we're a bit earlier than our embarkation time..." but we were just ushered straight to one of the check-in queues and we were onboard in no time at all, from arriving at the port to finding our cabin onboard was about half an hour I think! Not sure if we got lucky and arrived in a quieter period but it seemed like it was just a really well-planned out procedure!
  7. Yes my parents booked this cruise a few weeks ago when it was listed as P&O's "Cruise of the Week"! They've paid almost £500 less for a balcony cabin on Britannia in March than I will have paid for an inside cabin on Oceana in July 😞 the perks of being able to cruise outside school holidays!
  8. Hi all! Looking at potential cruise itineraries for this summer and one of the ones we're keen on docks at Livorno. However, as we already have explored both Florence & Pisa previously, we were researching what other excursions were available from Livorno. The Cinque Terre one looks lovely but seems quite a long distance from Livorno (nearly 2 hours each way). Has anyone does this trip and is it worth the long drive? Also, has anyone ventured to Lucca from Livorno? Any other suggestions on where to explore from Livorno are also welcome (we are also considering just staying at exploring Livorno itself)! Thanks in advance!
  9. I was on Azura this August and didn't notice any issues with her condition. I'd read similar comments before our trip and was pleasantly surprised by the standard. When we were getting back onboard at one port we saw maintenance men on harnesses cleaning the outside of the ship. I was however slightly disappointed with the lunchtime buffets. As this was my first cruise with P&O I didnt know if this was a usual standard but my partner (who has cruised with P&O for years) said that the buffet wasn't as good as previous years. However, there are always options of eating elsewhere at lunchtime rather than the buffet, if it isn't to your taste. Otherwise, the food and service we thought was excellent. Our waiters in the main dining room were wonderful. Personally I was very impressed with my first P&O cruise and am hopeful to do another this summer.
  10. I agree with the others! I was really worried that I would be penalised for my case being over the stated dimensions but they weren't measured at all, thankfully! I'd just bought a new one then realised it was bigger than the stated dimensions! I think so long as they can handle the luggage safely then it's fine. Happy holidays x
  11. I agree with the above. I think if your mum is okay attending concerts and things she'll be fine in the theatre shows and definitely at sailaway parties. The only concern may be strobe lighting etc in the theatre shows, however on our recent cruise there was always announcements before each show if they were going to be using strobes/pyrotechnics etc. The music in other bars isn't especially loud either, you can still lean over and talk to the people next to you.
  12. We were on Azura 2 weeks ago and it wasn't fixed but it wasn't completely unwatchable. We watched a few good films on the sea screen. There are still some dodgy pixels and such but it's still possible to enjoy a film.
  13. On our recent cruise a few weeks ago we'd requested a table for two at 8:30 and got one. The two tables of two either side of us very rarely turned up (which makes us think that they hadn't actually requested one, probably they'd wanted an earlier sitting but that was too popular so were given 8:30) and we saw a few empty tables throughout the restaurant and tables of 4 put on tables that could seat 6. Therefore, 8:30 definitely appears to be the least preferred seating and although you said you wanted 6:30, maybe if it is possible to stretch to 8:30 you'd be much more likely of securing a table for two I would imagine.
  14. Hi all! We've booked two excursions for my first cruise, leaving tomorrow. Do we need to print the confirmation emails regarding the purchase of these excursions? Or will P&O give us something an embarkation? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks so much for this post! Going on my first cruise on Azura this Saturday. My boyfriend, who I'm travelling with, has cruised with P&O for years with his family and loves it but sometimes the posts on this forum make me a bit nervous haha. Excited to experience it all for myself soon!
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