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  1. There was one in Aug last year, but may have changed since
  2. Just read both your reviews of Oceana Richard, and thank you so much for such a comprehensive and detailed account of your experience. I'm so glad you had such high praise of the ship, it has made me very excited to experience her for the first time - just 10 days to go! Such wonderful pictures of you and your wife clearly having a fantastic cruise as well.
  3. I think that combination sounds more than suitable for a casual night. As many have said, it is about the overall look. I think smart, well-fitted jeans with a shirt and blazer could easily look much smarter than dated or ill-fitting trousers of another material.
  4. I do think it is at the other side of the island, but if your children are into waterparks then Siam Park in Tenerife really is one of the best waterparks ever.
  5. Ooh thanks very much for posting this PLB! Curious as to whether anyone has ever done the gin masterclass and their verdict?
  6. I really think norovirus is just luck of the draw. My partner has been on over 10 cruises and never experienced it, whereas I got it on my first ever cruise. Of the two of us I am far more concerned with washing my hands/hygiene in general and I really don't know what else I could have done to prevent it. There weren't any announcements or anything like that so I don't think it was an "outbreak", I think I was just unlucky. Regardless, it didn't ruin the cruise and it clearly didn't put me off cruising. Glad to hear you had a lovely cruise and enjoyed Aurora.
  7. I agree, lots of great suggestions! I'm so pleased I asked! Oh that sounds lovely, thanks very much, we do indeed like white wine!
  8. Sorry yes we have done Herculaneum before! But agree that is definitely worth doing and far less busy than Pompeii
  9. Thank you all for your replies. The funicular sounds great and can't wait to try the pizza. Glad to hear so many nice reviews of Naples
  10. Hi All. We are going to Naples on our cruise in July and since we have both been fortunate enough to visit all the nearby gems such as Sorrento, Capri, Pompeii, Vesuvius etc. Therefore, we have decided we're going to just stay in Naples and explore on our own. However, we have heard very mixed reviews about Naples itself so wondered if anyone had any recommendations for which areas are best to visit on foot from the port and any nice places for an authentic pizza for lunch! Thanks in advance
  11. I think you just have to be super super vigilant. I usually have a cross-body bag zipped up and rest my hand over it as I'm walking. When we were in Rome we were approached by a group of late teen/early twenties men and they appeared to just be joking around, trying to shake our hands etc but we just kept walking and politely waved them away. A few steps later I realised the zip of my bag was undone. Thankfully nothing had been taken but it was scary how this had even happened without either of us noticing.
  12. Glad you enjoyed your cruise, loved the review. Baltic cruise is definitely on my cruise to-do list now (as if it wasn't already)!
  13. We did a Pisa & Florence ship excursion last summer and actually thought it was enough time! We had around an hour and a half in Pisa and honestly felt that was enough. Aside from the leaning tower and surrounding buildings/area there wasn't a huge amount to see in Pisa itself. We then had quite a long time in Florence (around 5 hours I think) and didnt feel rushed at all. We had a nice lunch, round a good rooftop bar, saw the ponte vecchio and wondered around all the lovely streets and squares. We had also been worried it'd be too much to do in one day but it was perfect for us - everyone is different though! If you do decide to do just one then I would definitely say Florence, it is beautiful.
  14. Thank you for the updates, can't wait for our two weeks on Oceana (for the first time on her) this July! Glad you are having a great cruise!
  15. Just curious as to how many people who have been waitlisted for excursions have then been given a place on that excursion? I know last cruise we booked on the waitlist and then were given a place on the excursion a few days later but wondered if we were just lucky or if P&O do really try to accommodate those on the waitlist.
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