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  1. RCI does have a good kids program. Mine certainly love it and I would recommend it. I just find that DCL has a better family with younger kids experience than RCI. I only mention the costumes thing because some younger kids get freaked out by them. Obviously that is by no means what makes a DCL cruise lines more kid friendly. For DCL, it is how the onboard staff interacts with the children, the activities that are available onboard for the kids and generally the vibe of the ship. Nobody can match them in this demographic.
  2. Do a Disney Cruise if it fits your budget. Disney is a perfect fit for kids (provided they are ok with costumed characters running around). None of the other cruise lines can even come close to the kid friendly atmosphere of Disney.
  3. To be honest, I have only ever used it for the drink package to offset the cost a little.
  4. I'll take another look then once the OBC offers come back. I don't recall seeing it on my last mock bookings I have tried but I may not have been looking in the correct spot.
  5. Is there a way to determine what your OnBoard Credit would be before you submit your booking? I have a booking already with my $100 OBC on a water facing balcony. Since RCL offers deals all the time, can I take a booking so far to determine the OBC?
  6. $100 for the stateroom. 3 adults in the same room.
  7. Couldn't they reduce the number of employees on the ship to offset the increase in the passengers?
  8. Just booking an Oasis cruise for July 2020 (7 nights). Balcony (water facing) room. I am a little surprised that during this current WOW sale where the 2nd person is 50% off and up to $300 OBC, I received $100 OBC. The reason being that in prior years for the same WOW sale, the OBC was closer to $175 or $200 OBC. Has anyone noticed RCL scaling back the OBC? I know that the OBC changes pricing logic at any time and suite holders get much more (or if you book on a cruise for your next cruise) but this OBC number kind of surprised me. I'm not complaining, but just wondering if a trend is happening...
  9. Windjammer buffets are as good as the Main Dining room in terms of quality of food. Better choices than the MDR.
  10. thank you. did not realize that el loco fresh was included
  11. Am I correct in understanding that Wipeout Cafe is being removed from Oasis and been replaced by El Loco Fresh? So on the pool deck you only have extra charge food places?
  12. VOIP-based calling and maintaining VPN connections for programming were very unreliable at times for me. I had to keep reconnecting more frequently than I thought I would have to. This was on Anthem in my cabin. My feeling is that for anything that needs a stable connection like programming you have to be very careful because unlike regular browsing you are sort of maintaining a direct connection back to the servers. If he can pull down the code and work locally and then upload it back, that would be ideal.
  13. Keeping sending you to CocoCay and then dock 2 ships there. Oh wait....they are doing that.
  14. Crown Loft Suites are Sky Class in terms of Suites services right? Deluxe Beverage Package is not included, right?
  15. Never mind. My mistake. Was looking at a different picture
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