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  1. http://www.travelandcruiseworld.com/Page/AgeRequirementsofCruising This website was my saviour and my downfall at the same time :loudcry:
  2. Yes, all I was trying to say is that if the whole boat is 21+, then I could see the reasoning (no need to ID certain people for alcohol or casino), but the thing is that there are minors around anyways, so why does it matter if two 20 year olds come (who choose willingly not to drink anyway). Is it a safety concern? I was just very confused because I have been all around the world alone (or sometimes with my 20 year old friend), but I can't go on a cruise where there is a lot more safety and regulations.
  3. Ah yes, but didn't feel like marrying my best friend :')
  4. Hello everyone. Thanks for all your replies. Yes, this is real lol, and I am not making the post for fun (really isn't that fun either). I did put my age right, and because I am paranoid, I remember checking absolutely everything before I clicked booked if all my information was right. Then I went to go change my password as I wanted my guest #2 to share the account with me is where I noticed the years were sent back by 3. I tried to correctly put it back to my original age and I noticed the calendar wouldn't go any further forward. I first suspected that maybe the website's calendar thing is broken, but it didn't seem like it. So, off a whim (and thank god I did it within 24hrs), I looked if there was an age requirement for some reason, and there was. Thats when the panic set in. I'm from Canada, so after your 18+, you are considered an adult and you can do anything any other adult can, but I guess with cruises if you are between 18-20, you are considered a "Young Adult." So I call the help line, and after 40 min on hold, the agent hung up after a couple of words. Then again, I waited a long time on the phone and I got an agent. I got my refund because I called a few hours after booking it, and through their history, they saw that I had put I was 20 years old. They were confused as why I could book it if I put my age as 20. So then after that, I cancelled my flight and took a deep breath of relief accompanied by sadness of not going to experience cruising until after next year (just had my birthday a couple of months ago). What is weird is that some of you guys can't think that I can put my phone down on speaker with their annoying waiting music on, and go on my laptop to type this post. It's very easy lol. I looked up after I got mine cancelled, and a few cruise lines allow unaccompanied 18+ year olds on their cruises. I still do not understand the age requirements. It would make sense if ONLY 21+ are allowed, but minors are allowed with adults accompanying them. I am a very independent person, so this came to as a big shocker.
  5. The trip is in 40 days from now. So I am in the penalty period, but it isn't my fault that they let me book it. This makes me so sad and angry that I cant even go plus I cant get a refund.
  6. I am still waiting an hour and half later and the line will be closing for the day in 20min. I am not sure what I should to do to get my refund.
  7. I have been on the phone for the past 40 min, and yet to get an agent to get to me. This is very frustrating. They should have never let me pay for it when I put my age as younger than 21.
  8. Hello everyone. I just booked a Norwegian cruise with a friend and paid it for it. After I did everything, I went to my account profile and saw that my age was put in wrong even though I remember putting it in perfectly right. They made me older for some reason. So I did some digging, and found out that there is an age requirement?? I am 20 (so is my friend), but they let me pay for it and everything, and now they saw that I cannot go unless I have someone older than 21 accompanying me? I am so confused on what to do. I can get a written consent from my parents if they want.
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