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  1. I asked the same question. I was told you could do cash or prepaid OBC. I’m doing a combination of the two
  2. I guess the value is relative. To determine if I should buy for my 12 DD, I reviewed each menu and did a mock order for her of what she would eat. Then compared it to the cost of the package. My DD has very expensive tastes when it comes to food. The package was well worth it for us. If the person is just as happy with pizza, a hamburger or the MDR menus, the package is probably not a good idea.
  3. What did you think of Victor Boddens? I’ve heard some negative things recently. We are booked with a private driver at the end of August
  4. Are there any specialty dining deals offered the first night?
  5. Our letter came with our luggage tags. Phone number is 1.855.625.4283 they close at 6pm EST. I talked to them today. They were very helpful!
  6. You can fit 4 people....comfortably is debatable.. do you like these people enough to be cramped together? i won’t do it with my husband and my 12 year old
  7. It’s not that they can’t be disinfected. The cleaning was not done properly. It’s been a while since I read the report. If memory serves me there were 4-6 violations related to drink boards
  8. I agree! I have a pre-existing plan on our upcoming cruise
  9. It was the actual wood board the glasses sit on when you order a drink flight. think grandmas wooden paddle
  10. If you read the report. They were cited multiple times for the drink boards used for drink flights. Simply get your flight without the board... probably would have passed if they if they got rid of the boards
  11. We are going on a cruise this August. If we decide we like it and book another trip,: 1. What are the benefits 2. Can I book rooms for family who aren’t on the current cruise?
  12. My concern is my DD will be bored as she is very mature for her age and very athletic. so she doesn't sit still very long. She doesn't play with dolls or toys. She'd be more in tune with the 13-17 year old group but sadly I hear they are really strict about keeping out the kids who haven't officially hit their 13th birthday.
  13. For those who have recently traveled with an 11/12 year old. What is your kids review? we are on the Breakaway in the Haven if that helps
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