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  1. These posts have been so informative! Thank you to DaveyWavey Trigggirl and the other posters - I have been following along and desperate for details. We are on the Seward-Vancouver next week. All of your shared experiences have made me look forward to it all the more. Happy trails!
  2. Thank you all! Unibok - thanks for the thorough response that makes perfect sense. I feel better already! :):):):)
  3. In your experience, it is usual for a cruise to get cancelled? We have booked Alaska for 2019 and were strongly urged to do so by SS because the cruises sell out very quickly. Now several months later, most of the suites are still available and prices seem to be rising. Is it still likely that it will sell well (or sell out) or could it conceivably be cancelled nearer to the time if doesn't sell enough? I appreciate anyone who's willing to weigh in with an opinion. Thanks, Jane
  4. Spectacular photos! I so enjoyed paging through them - I felt like I'd been on holiday with you! Thanks for sharing.
  5. First post - first cruise - first Alaska trip. Thank you so much for the detailed info above. We have booked the Muse Alaska for next July and I am finding these boards to be an invaluable source. Kudos to whoever started it and all who keep it going.
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