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  1. UPDATE : My sis just booked us , thru the Princess website , for Deck 12, right by the POOL & BUFFET :)! And, we got that GREAT ESCAPES sale !! 🙂 ❤️ (72 hour courtesy hold :)! She's gonna head to Costco, just to see if they are able to offer any additional perks, if booked thru them. Thx much , Princess peeps, for all your assistance !! And, of course, it's always neat to hear more TIPS !
  2. Very good to know !!!! 🙂 Deck 5, mid /forward !! Yep, as much as I like WALKING, I'd rather not walk down long , boring halls ! And, probably narrow halls, too, of course !
  3. I found some deals, thru this Cruise Critic page, but the deposit is NON refundable. Cuz, it states that it's a special promotion. We can always try calling Princess, like u suggested jennybenny! $619 for interior cabin. $686 for oceanview. Obstructed views. Those are the starting prices. How "OBSTRUCTED" are those views ? Hope one can at least see SOME ocean ;)!
  4. Hi, My sis & I are aiming for the March 22nd departure, out of San Francisco. What is the best sale offer to try to catch ?? We'll most like go for the interior room, or oceanview. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Loved your pics !!!!! So glad u shared them !!!
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