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    Getting to The Garden District

    We flew in to NOLA and staying in the FQ. We would love to take the street car to the Garden District. Is this possible and if so, where do you get on at?
  2. Carriecruises

    Post Cruise/Pre-flight

    Our flight home isn't until 6:15pm. Our group of 6 really would hate to waste a day at the airport. We looked at advance check in but that is going to be well over $200 just to take our luggage to the airport. Any suggestions? Any place to store the luggage? Are there any city tours that would carry our luggage along with us? TYIA
  3. Good afternoon. I will be posting as fast as I can but work is holding back. Please forgive my spelling and grammar. Cruise background. My 5th or 6th. All Carnival except once with Royal Carribean. I am 41 and DH is 43. (His first cruise and first time to NOLA). My mom 54 (first cruise) and aunt (which was unable to make it.) Two friends her 45 and her DH 52 (both have cruised). Day 1 Saturday 2/13/16 Oklahoma City to New Orleans We got up at 3:30 for our flight at 7:35am. We wanted to make sure everything was ready for the house sitter, to get there early and enough time to grab breakfast. Nothing was open but a donut shop so we were on our way. Parking at the airport in OKC is $7 a day. Our first flight was to Houston and we didn’t get to sit together (Southwest). We had a short lay over for our flight to NOLA. When we landed in NOLA. I was overjoyed. I love NOLA and couldn’t wait for my DH to experience it. It was fast to get our luggage and to the cab stand. We only checked 1 large suitcase each. I had my purse and he had a bag for our carry on’s. Both well under the weight limit. We walked right to the taxi stand and there was a long line. I saw they offered a shuttle service but didn’t take the time to look since I knew how much it was in a cab. The line went fast and we were well on our way. The cabby was funny because he asked where we were from and turned the radio to country music. Lol I pointed out a few things on the way to the hotel. I asked the driver for a recommendation for dining. He suggested “Drago’s” which was in our hotel (Riverside Hilton). Let me mention that getting a hotel that was reasonable for this weekend seemed impossible. I took the advice of another cruise critic person and booked through Hotwire. It was $175 per night plus tax. There was a huge real estate convention, it was right after Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day weekend and a 3 day weekend. I couldn’t get anything less than $250 per night close to the terminal otherwise for. Our cab was $36 for the two of us plus tip. We arrived before noon and we were lucky to have our room ready instead of storing our luggage because we were starved. Our room was in building 3 with no view but it served its purpose. (Rooms directly booked were $441 per night.) We dropped our suitcases, put our documents and extra stuff in the safe and we set off on foot. Our room was nice. It did need some paint because there were a lot of scuff marks on the walls. No microwave but it did have a fridge and coffee maker. The bed was comfy. AC and TV were great. The pop machine was $3.00 for a bottle of water. We left through the front entrance and walked across to Harrah’s. We knew there was no smoking in our hotel and didn’t see anyone smoking until we got to Harrah’s and my husband took a smoke break. We found Canal St and started our walk until we could find something that caught our eye. We both wanted Cajun food but not pricey or all about the name. We looked at different menus and couldn’t find what we were looking for. (Most restaurants in the French Quarter posts their menu outside the door.) We got to Chartres and found Daisy Dukes. We both agree it was the best food we had while in NOLA. He had ½ fish Po-Boy and cup of red beans. I had ½ shrimp Po-Boy and a cup of gumbo. Both had iced tea. Our bill after tip was $31.84. We talked to our waitress outside and she explained that he could smoke anywhere in NOLA except inside some places. She mentioned that open container as long as it was in plastic can be carried anywhere and in anywhere. We were much more relaxed and felt good because we certainly didn’t want to be rude or be jerks. We walked around for a bit and saw some street performers. There were little kids tapping for tips. We walked to Bubba Gump’s and looked at souveniers. I showed him Bourbon Street but right before we stopped at a “walk up” bar and I got a 32 oz Hurricane for $4.99 and he got a bloody mary for I think $6. We made our way down to Music Legends Park and sat watching a performer. I wanted him to try beignets so I went up to Café Beignets in the park and placed my order. $3.99 for 3. I wanted him to try them while they were hot and he was hooked. I took a bite but wasn’t really in mood for sweets after that Hurricane. We got another beer and headed back towards our hotel. Our feet were killing us. We stopped at the riverwalks and checked out the river. Watched the Creole Queen. We went back to our room to rest. We discovered that our room didn’t offer Wifi unless we wanted to pay $10 a day so we put our tablets away. He took a nap and I watched the NOLA channel which of course made me hungry. I woke him about 6:30 for our next tour. I wasn’t quite ready to tackle the street car yet and I was tired from the early morning and the walking. We were out to find another good place to eat but something lighter and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Maybe because I was tired or whatever I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted and the lines were sorta long. (It was Saturday night.) I hit a liquor store for the wine we would take on the ship. I found the prices were no different than home. We went in a few stores. Sampled candy and pralines. Since we couldn’t find anything to eat we decided to head back towards our hotel and see what was around there. We found The Crazy Lobster but the line was long again. We walked to the mall which was attached to our hotel. It was getting close to closing by the time we made it to the food court so I ended up spending $8 on 2 pretzels and him $7.50 on a smoothie. So much for being cheap. We know better now. Went to the room and went to bed. Day 2: our friends and my mother arrive in NOLA. PS. I don't know how to post pix but if someone can tell me, I would be glad to.
  4. Carriecruises

    Not prepared for E l action.

    We booked over six months ago. My party is me and my husband in one room and my mom in one room. Both of them are new cruisers and this my 6th. Yet with work and everything in life I don't know all of the major reminders and needs. Help. I feel like I am going to be overwhelmed.
  5. Carriecruises


    Does anyone know of the names of the restaurants that serve there? I know Elidio, Flamingo and Le Saint Bonnet? I want to eat on the beach and not in doors. Just wondering who serves on the beach.
  6. Carriecruises

    Shrimp boil

    Pardon my ignorance. Where can we go in or around the French quarter that has a shrimp or crawfish boil?
  7. Carriecruises

    Which beach?

    We are a group of 5. 2 in their 60s & 3 in their 40s. Looking for a relaxing beach with good food & good drinks. I have been to Playa Mia twice but it seems the food isn't as good. However I love the snorkeling and the hammocks. I have been to Nacho Cocom and love it. Being served on the beach was a huge highlight. I enjoyed that it wasn't over crowded too. Downside is the drop off in the sand/water. I worry the ones in their 60s will have trouble. Any suggestions?
  8. Carriecruises


    My mother is going on the ruins tour and I have read a lot about how the "sack lunch" isn't all that and people have said to bring their lunch. Can you bring something off the ship?
  9. Carriecruises

    New Orleans Questions

    1. Is there a website for the street cars? (maps, etc?) 2. I understand that it is $1.25 per ride, per person on the street car and you can purchase a day pass. Where do you purchase these day passes? (I've never been on a street car) 3. I want to do the Cemetery #1 tour on Monday before our ship leaves. Our ship leaves at 4:00pm. The tour starts at 10:30am. Will I have time? 4. I see that Carnival offers a transfer from port to airport for $23.50 per person. Is it worth it? Our flight isn't until 2:30pm and the ship arrives at 8:00am. Would my mom, husband and I be better off just taking a cab? Thank you in advance.
  10. Carriecruises

    What Port?

    Does anyone know what the site is that tells which ships are at which ports?
  11. Carriecruises

    Need Help

    I booked a honeymoon cruise for my husband & I in one room and my mom & my aunt in another room. The cruise is a 5 day and leaves 2/15/16. My aunt is unable to make it. My mom has a friend that is happy to take her spot. What kind of fee am I looking at? I booked Early Saver. Thank you for your answers.
  12. Carriecruises

    First time

    Tell me what you would do. We fly in on a Saturday around noon. Our ship leaves at 4 on Monday. We are staying in the warehouse district. A few things I want to add in: haunted walking tour, natchez cruise w/o without food. I want us to experience the food. Muffaletta and poboy.