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  1. One of the reasons I choose to cancel with full refund rather than take the OBC was their ability to add stipulations for the OBC. The unknowns were too risky for me.
  2. We cancelled our Feb 14 2021 cruise. Had put a 100% refundable deposit of $1,000 on two cabins. Cancelled on Sept 25 2020. The $1,000 was refunded to our credit card on October 3 2020.
  3. On the news this morning they were discussing how colleges and dorm life are similar to cruising. Large crowds in small areas is the issue on hand and not going very well for some Universities. Large groups parties and little social distancing without masks is the main concern for cruising as well as University life. I live near SUNY Buffalo and they have not resumed yet. Next week the students will start to move into the Dorms. It will be interesting to see the effects since the area positivity rate is currently around 1.8%. The outcome of Universities and Colleges resuming limited in class instruction and dorm housing will definitively impact how and when cruising will resume IMO.
  4. Not at all with the rate of increased positive to testing (percentage) cases.
  5. When cruising resumes I wonder how many ports will still be closed. We have a timeshare in Aruba. According to La Cabana, Aruba will allow US citizens to enter the country on July 10th. We will have to pay for Covid insurance of $15 per day (per person I believe), the option to upload negative Covid 19 PCR test result that was taken with 72 hours or travel or pay for a rapid test on arrival and quarantine our-self until test results are back. If all countries with ports require this how will Carnival proceed? Will they rapid test all passengers and/or allow us to submit our own test result. It's not only a matter of company liabilty and safety but also an international concern.
  6. Family and I live in Western NY. Niagara Falls, Letchworth Park, Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Zor Valley, Presque Isle (PA) are all within 1.5 hour drive (at the most). We will do a lot of hiking and boating this summer.
  7. They will either go to prepackaged items only or revamp the store and have staff portion candy for the customer. Grocery stores in my area discontinues all bulk isles and pre-package everything with no plans to bring self serve back. They have also eliminated the salad bars and buffets at Wegman's grocery stores. I was never a fan of self serve items. I've have seen many customers not using the tongs provided.
  8. Passenger temp checks and more use of face masks from staff and the option for passengers. It's will be interesting to see the evolution of cruising going forward.
  9. I applaud Carnival for helping. I feel that this pause in cruising is going to last a lot longer than first announced. My workplace daily meeting (now remotely) said we are anticipating 30 days of 25% workplace workforce in NYS if rate of infected does not flatten.
  10. Thanks for the review. We were on the Breeze, same itinerary, Feb 15-22, 2020. Loved all the ports. Agree with you on the flow. That took some time for me to understand the flow (all was good by Friday). They were painting the ship when were at Amber Cove and St. Thomas ports.
  11. Oops, thanks for clarifying deck 0. Thanks for the imfo.
  12. We currently have a cabin on deck 1 midship on the Horizon. And, to my knowledge, the gangway is on deck 1 when at a port. Can anyone tell me if there is a lot of traffic going by the cabin? How bad was it?
  13. My employer (healthcare) asked us to self disclose if we had been out the country in the last three weeks on March 1, 2020. I did and now I have to go to employee health for a temperature check until March 23. I understand the concern and the last thing I want to do is jeopardize their health.
  14. Red Frog Pub on Deck 5 had the games on their TV's.
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