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  1. It's a great ship. As long as I knew which was was forward, I could find everything easily 🙂
  2. Every surrounding school has closed except ours. Only a matter of time though. It's been such a mild winter I am certain this is going to be a big hit. In 2017 we came back from a Florida vacation and two days later "Snovember" hit us with over seven feet and the kids had another week off. We must be the curse, haha.
  3. Cruise day 1 Woke up and had coffee on the balcony watching the animals each and run. Greatest splurge the entire trip. I don’t think I would spend a week there but one evening and morning was worth the money. The kids and husband enjoyed the resort as well but they are Disney obsessed like I am. Packed the rental minivan and headed to Port Canaveral around 10am. Our ship aboard time was 12:30 and we had to drop the rental at Budget and grab a shuttle to the ship. Smooth drive to Budget and then chaos. Apparently they were short cars due to Daytona 500 so people that were getting off their cruise were still waiting for us to drop our cars off. Some people waited almost two hours. I waited 35 minutes just to return the car and get a receipt. They wouldn’t let us just drop the keys and leave and there was not a kiosk. That was the only mishap that occurred that could have been prevented. After the return was complete, the shuttle took us to the terminal. A very nice man helped us get our bags to the proper place and let us know where to go when we came back. We had no idea what to do so we let him take the lead. Everything worked out because our bags were at our cabin door by dinner. Anyone over the age of 18 had to fill out a disclosure form before entering the main doors. The questions ask us if we had been to China or had come in contact with anyone that had been to China in the last few months (can’t remember the exact time frame). That’s it, two questions and a signature and then handed it to a person. I asked someone what we need to do next. She led me to a rope and said wait here and I will let you know when your arrival time is ready. Ten minutes later she led us to an open isle with a man who looked at our passports, took our picture and guided us to security. After security I can’t remember what happened because we must have looked like newbies so everyone just pointed where to go next, nodded to that person and then they help us to the next point. We bypassed the welcome aboard picture station. I love pictures, but didn’t want to get sucked into buy a package that costs more than my engagement ring so I just kept saying no thank you. That came as surprise and huge relief to my family since they know I am photo obsessed most times and think those type of pictures are a huge waste of time. Walked the gangway and BAM! we were on the Ship. WE ARE ON OUR FIRST CRUISE!!
  4. I love reading the reviews about other cruises on this forum and I thought I would add our as well. We are a family of four from Buffalo, NY. Our family includes me (Ann Marie), my husband (Kevin), 16 yo dd (Rosie) and 14 yo ds (John). This was our first cruise and first time visiting places not on the continental US. We all had a great time. Sure there were a few hiccups along the way, but that did not change the fact that it was an amazing vacation. Here we go. Full disclosure, I am an accountant and much better with numbers than grammar. Please forgive me if there are errors throughout. I rely heavily on autocheck J Pre-Cruise: Up and out of the house by 4:40 am the day before our cruise. Car says 7 degrees outside. Bye-bye cold weather. Thank goodness there isn’t snow. In the plane and ready for takeoff by 6:40am…but first they have to de-ice the plane. Sounds like we are going through a car wash. I am amazed and a little nervous that just dousing the plane with a solution makes it all good, but they know best, right? It is Valentine’s Day and SW has complimentary drinks. My kids give me the snarky side eye as I ask for a Baileys for my coffee. I very rarely drink but I am on vacay and to heck with the norm. Land in Orlando at 9:40 am and by 10:30 we have the luggage, a rental car and are heading to Gatorland for some good cheesy gator loving fun. The temp says 65 degrees but it is cloudy so I am still in jeans and a light sweatshirt. Normally we would all be in summer clothing. But, without sun it is a little chilly even for this northerner. Spent the night before the cruise at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Savannah view is amazing. It was a splurge for us since this will most likely be a last big vacation hurrah for us. Our kids will soon be out of high school and making their own vacation memories.
  5. Attached is the breakdown of gratuities that was on my account summary from our Breeze Feb 15-22 2020 cruise. IMHO, it is very low gratuities for the service we received. Our female steward, Carmina, was fabulous. Always smiling and asking about our day. Yeah, she may have been "acting" for an additional gratuity but she also had a kind heart. when she saw my kids struggling first night of the cruise to get there sea legs she brought them green apples and ginger ale (free of charge). She had my heart after that. The wait staff was so friendly and fun. One day my daughter was wearing a Peru T-shirt from a school trip she took and all wait staff remembered her and would my say "My Rosie from Peru" whenever they saw her in the MDR. Please keep in mind the workers are working hard on the ship and do much more than what you see on the guest decks. One woman from the fun shop staff had an eleven yr old daughter that she will not see during her 6 month contract. I can't imagine having that type of struggle that it is for the best to leave your family for that length of time.
  6. We were on the Breeze in Cove Balcony 2314 and 2318. It is a connecting cabin. Cabin 2314 is in between the lifeboats and had ample sunlight. Cabin 2318 is under a lifeboat and shaded. It was perfect. Want sun hit 2314 got hot and went to 2318 if you have both cabins. No noise from above because it is under Sapphire Dining.
  7. Loving your review. We were in San Juan on the Breeze at the same time you were in port. I am glad I found your review and lovely pictures of the ship. Oasis Of the Seas is a beauty.
  8. We did the tour through Marysol Tours on Feb 17, 2020. Did the 12 falls and it was the perfect amount of activity that took about 2.5 to 3 hours at great price of $50. There were two families of four in the van but it could seat four more. The van was well maintained and clean. The walk to the van outside the gates took about 10 minutes and was very easy to find. We were able to keep everything in the van safely. Of course we didn't bring anything of value. Cash for tips, passports and credit card. The van driver stayed at the van and the tour guide went with us on the tour. Jose set up the paparazzi to document the tour. I recommend this because you don't have to worry about your camera. We had a young man named Willy and he took about 130 pictures and 10 videos. It cost $50 plus tip and worth every penny. The actual tour had 12 in the party (us from the van and 4 more) with Two falls guides (another Willy and Jevon). Jose asked us if we wanted to stop to eat for $10 per person after the falls tour but we declined. We did stop at a place to purchase souvenirs and then he took us back to the starting point and we walked to the port shops with about an hour and a half to look around before the time we had to get back to the ship. I would highly recommend a tour and Marysol tours was great.
  9. We did this excursion through Marysol Tours and it was awesome! Each jump has a ladder with a handrail in case you want to take the alternate route. The last jump you can also choose to do the slide instead of the jump. And it also has a ladder to a shorter platform to jump about 4 feet. You have to wear a life jacket and helmet from the top of the hike to the end. It is mandatory. The water is deep in some areas. I am 5'2'' and had to swim/float/doggie paddle in some areas right after the high jumps. We were able to walk the majority of time. It is rocky and I lost my balance a few times. Wear water shoes and bottoms with good coverage. You will hike in your swim suit and can not take you bag. If you wear glasses the guides will hold them for you while jumping and sliding.
  10. I agree with the humanity issue. Children are not inately disrespectful or respectful. It is a learned behavior. And if their adult parents do not have manners and good behaviors they will not be respectful, well mannered well behaved children.
  11. I would say close to 1,000 is a good estimate. We were on the same cruise there were a lot of kids aboard because NY state, many other north east states and Atlanta had winter break for the week of Presidents week. Personally I did not see many kids mis-behaving. I have a 14 yo son and 16 yo daughter and they did go off on their own for an hour or two but not very late since we were wiped out from doing so much during the day.
  12. We were also in the storm on the Breeze. What a wild night. Luckily we were in a cove balcony midship on deck 2. The minute the captain announced rought weather ahead I made all the family take a bonine and wear sea bands. I am grateful non of us were seasick. My 14 yo son actually slept through the entire event. My 16 yo daughter was scared but handled it fabulously. Some guest were sleeping in the Ovation theater because they were so frightened. We actually would like to cruise again despite the rough seas and it was our first cruise ever. You can't get much worse, right? Every cruise ship that was in Port Canaveral that morning experienced the rough seas regardless of the eastern or western itinerary. I heard third hand the port had 12 foot swells. Not sure if the other ports were affected. I have know some families that sailed out of Fort Lauderdale and Miami but have not talked to them yet. I was also talking with people on the plane that vacationed in Orlando. Friday was super windy and it rained intermittenly. So no one had a perfect weather vacation. Hope you are recovering. I am still swaying a little and need to get my land legs back.
  13. Living so close to Canada we all have passports. It's just easier to cross the border. My kids have had them since they turned 10 because they started to cross with other families. Hoping the child is okay. I would be a nervous wreck if that happened to my son.
  14. Thanks for the feed back. We will be there next Thursday. Did you have your own snorkel gear or did you rent?
  15. Thanks for the review. We will be there next Monday!! What time did you get back to the Ship? Did you have enough time to walk around the port?
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