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  1. When my partner and I were on Voyager OTS about a year and a half ago we ordered two servings of the rum baba each soon after seeing it on the menu that night in the MDR. It did not disappoint. I mainly remember the rum syrup that the baba was soaked in was delicious - not too strong but not too sweet/rich tasting either. I'm hoping to experience it again this December on Ovation, however I won't be upset as there will of course be plenty of other food to enjoy/experience. Is it possible to check out the menus on the TV in my cabin?
  2. What about purchasing booze at the ports of call in NZ? Is there a limit? I understand they store it until the last night.
  3. Hi Sorry if this has been discussed already or if it is a stupid question. My father has a few bottles of his delicious 2008 vintage home made red wine left and I am considering bringing one or two bottles on board for my December Ovation OTS sailing. Is it OK that the wine is home-made, has little preservative and is contained in sterilized re-used commercial wine bottles? Also I was wondering if I could get away with packing a cork screw in my suitcase. Obviously I would not pack the wine in my suitcase - I would openly declare it in my carry on when boarding. I thought it would be a nice touch if I get involved in my first cabin crawl. Happy cruising.
  4. Hey Jandex, Just wanted to know how your cruise this month on Ovation turned out Any particular things I should look out for - dining, shows, etc? Did your 5 night dining package work out? Did they have the fancy dessert buffet with the chocolate fountain at the Windjammer on the last port of call night?
  5. Maybe if I time it right I could get room service breakfast on the day we sail through the sounds and enjoy it on the balcony while taking photos of the first sound. Hopefully it won't be too cold/windy to enjoy breakfast on the balcony.
  6. Hi folks, I will be sailing on Ovation OTS Sydney to NZ round trip in December as a solo (in a studio balcony cabin). I understand that if I get the Royal Up offer email I will be charged double for the bidding. I would like to hear the experiences of other Sydney Solos in regards to Royal Up - how your upgrade turned out, accepted bids, not accepted bids, etc. I have a feeling I would just be better off staying in my shoebox cabin on deck six - at least the balcony is quite spacious considering the inside of the cabin. Still curious to know how it turned out for others. Thanks.
  7. Hi, thought I would try to revive this post/thread. Also happy to hear from anyone who has sailed on Ovation or other quantum class ships as a solo and what was their experience. Thanks.
  8. Hi, thought I would try to revive this thread. Also interested in hearing from people who have sailed on Ovation or other quantum class ships as a solo and what was their experience. Thanks.
  9. Just wondering which night the rum baba is usually served in the MDR on Royal Caribbean. I will be on Ovation OTS in December. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, A bit of a silly question. Is it easy to get to Kmart from NZ ports of call. I will be on Ovation OTS in December and was thinking of popping in perhaps when in Auckland or Wellington. I don't expect it to be much different from Sydney Kmart but you never know I just might happen to run out/forget to pack something and as sad as it may sound to some people it is one of my favorite stores. Thanks.
  11. I wonder if I time it right I might be able to enjoy a continental room service breakfast on the balcony of my cabin while taking photos of the first of the sounds on my Ovation OTS cruise in December. Hopefully it won't be too cold/windy to do so. Also not sure about the obstructions on my deck six balcony. Happy cruising everyone.
  12. Hi, Doing my fifth cruise with RC on Ovation in December and have not tried room service yet. The continental breakfast will most likely not be free forever so I plan on getting it at least once during this cruise. Apart from the first and last day of the cruise is room service breakfast available every day of the cruise? What do you recommend from the room service continental breakfast menu? Also has anyone done the C and A Society breakfast on the last day of the cruise? Is it worth it or are we better of with the last minute face stuffing at the Windjammer? Thanks.
  13. Dinner at chops and bottles of wine! Holy Cow!
  14. Hey John, I remember 270. A great venue - just gets quite cold sometimes. What time did the meet and mingle start and end? Thanks.
  15. Where on the ship did they hold such a record breaking meet and mingle? Was it the first night? Any photos? Have a great cruise John.
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