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  1. Holland! departs from Vancouver, (inside waters) more time in ports glacier bay!!!!! see you soon! DD
  2. Hoonah would probably be best at that time for halibut. DD
  3. When will you be here? DD
  4. If you are talking about the dogsledding tours on the ice, this year, they have been over with for a month! if you wish to go on a helicopter ride, book it right away, any way that you can, and cross your fingers. This is not a good time for this activity! DD
  5. We just enjoyed a nice display of "the lights" here in Skagway! i don't know about all of this tech advice, we just get out to our favorite spot behind the bar where there is the least light interference from both of our street lights and watch from there........ happy viewing to all of you who happen to be in the north.
  6. Expect more pressure to book thru the ship but you can still do it the old way. just preservere!
  7. A lot of the ships tell you that they dock a 8am, but almost always they are all tied up and letting passengers off by sevenish. if you have an early tour and they are not docked early, the vendor will usually wait for you! DD
  8. This has all been changed, this year! the train now does a loop and so you will not have to change a thing. DD
  9. There are several companies who do the hourly thing and if you find them direct 8 people could easily do a five or six hour tour for your budget range. check with the city visitor bureau for locals doing this. DD
  10. If you are in town before 5pm, there is a video shown at the NPS at second and Broadway is that is a good overview of what happened to create this place out of a gold rush, which left behind the new town of Skagway in its wake! the video plays at the top ,of each hour and lasts for 27 minutes. it is free and is well worth the time to learn the history of this place. nice auditorium and a place to relax after whatever you have done with your day here in port? DD
  11. Actually, once you depart the west coast you will be on alaska time, which is one hour earlier than pacific time. you should refer to this time for all of your cruise, unless you are stopping in Victoria, which would put you back on pacific time. it is seven pm here in Skagway which means eleven pm EST hope this helps? DD
  12. To the OP, I think that the pollen "pollution" prediction is probably precisely correct. we are suffering the same springtime malady up here in Skagway and I do not have to look at a web cam, just my little antique car. I am currently carrying a beach towel just to wipe the car down about three times a day. To the last post above, gotta go crusin, look me up if you are in town? All is well with me, so far. DD
  13. Which port? There are at least four different dog attractions here in Skagway or out of town on tours. DD
  14. You will have plenty of time for hiking while you are here in Skagway. just go o the NPS which is only about a block from your hotel and they will give you plenty of advice about all of the hikes available right around here from town. you don't need any of their ship tours, just go on your own! DD
  15. Victoria is on the south end of Vancouver island and is definitely Canadian! in fact, when you are there, you may be thinking of England as you look at the buildings. DD
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