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  1. I'm flying in with a pal from SFO to FCO, arriving the afternoon before our cruise. My mother and aunt will be flying in later that evening from MSP. I booked a room at the Hilton Garden to make it easier on the later (and older) arrivals. I'm now trying to find best way to get from the airport hotel to cruise terminal. Mobility may be an issue and I'm trying to make it as stress free as possible (while not paying an arm and a leg). Any recommendations on car/minivan service?
  2. I've been traveling solo for the last few years. I've done NCL on the Epic in their studio, then last two sailings have been in balcony cabins, paying the solo supplement. I just booked the studio balcony on Ovation of the Seas for August 2020 and I'm looking forward to it. I did a few mock bookings to see what cost differences would be and it was almost a wash with the promotion RCL is running currently. I'm traveling with a larger group of people so I don't need a solo lounge (I really didn't take advantage of it on the Epic). I'm used to getting "free" perks when sailing on NCL so for S&Gs I did mock booking for similar itinerary around same time frame. I was surprised that even dropping down to a Sailaway cabin with no perks, the cost would be almost $2K more. I know there are people who aren't in their room much and don't care for the extra cost of a balcony, but I'm in the other group that truly enjoys it - and when I can afford it, that's my preferred cabin type.
  3. I found after having Mohs Surgery (use your sunscreen people!!) that I couldn't use the most recommended scar ointment (Mederma) because one of the key ingredients is onion extract. A lot of the knock-offs do as well. Go figure! I have airborne reactions to lilies - as it's in the same family. I didn't pick up this allergy until I was in my 20's. I don't miss garlic, but man - a beer-battered onion ring...
  4. It's funny you should mention sensitive stomach/raw onions. I have a severe allium allergy - garlic, onions, shallots and everything in that family can really impact me. Garlic is the worst and I carry an epipen for it, but the rest will give me terrible gastro-distress. It's one of the reasons I prefer to eat at the specialty restaurants when I cruise, as there is a little more control over what I'll be eating (even what I'm eating around). I've been lucky never to catch any bug on my cruises but I pack enough meds to be safe 🙂
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