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  1. thanks everyone for your replies. I will just keep an eye to see what is available
  2. Hi there Does anyone know when royal Caribbean will have a drinks package sale ? thanks
  3. Hi there thanks to everyone for getting back to me. I’ve had a look at those and they look pretty good so i need to have a think yeah we love the med cruise - we have done this a few times so don’t get out at them all and spend time relaxing on the ship . Yep it can get very warm in peak summer Will need to decide what we want to do this year as just at looking bit at moment. Only been on epic with Norwegian and quite a few royal Caribbean but really like the Norwegian more laid back approach for a change thanks again everyone - it’s gave me loads to think about
  4. Thanks for that. I will have a look at those. Much appreciated
  5. also if you can recommend other cruise lines that have great teen entertainment and adult entertainment that would be awesome so I can research which would be best for what we want
  6. I was looking for your opinion on what cruise ships on Norweigan Cruise are best for teens aged 14 We have been on the Epic and it was a brilliant ship for their entertainment both for our teen daughter and for my husband and I We are possibly looking to go on another NCL cruise this summer during school holidays and will probably go back on the Epic as we want to do Europe or the Mediteraneon and we know the Epic is a great ship. However I am open to going on another ship with NCL and wanted to know what the other ships entertainment was like for teens and adults. We have only cruised once with NCL as we have always cruised with Royal Caribean previously but my husband and I were a bit disappointed on the adult entertainment last year on the Oasis of the Seas (as in our opinion not much variety although the Water Shows were awesome) Can anyone recommend a NCL ship sailing in the Med or Europe that has great entertainment similar to the EPIC and great entrainment for teens Thanks in advance
  7. thanks Klfrodo for your reply appreciated
  8. Hi there thanks to everyone for your replies think ill take a US and Europe on soi can use my straighteners
  9. Hi there thanks to everyone for your replies appreciated
  10. hi there just wondering if Royal Caribbean - oasis of the seas sell travel adapters onboard to enable me to use uk appliances thanks
  11. hi there my family and i are on the oasis of the seas and wondered what entertainment during day and night are avaialble for teen girls aged 13 thanks
  12. hi there my family and 1 are travelling on Oasis of the Seas and wondered what adaptor i need to bring to be able to use my UK straighteners thanks
  13. My family and i are goign on oasis of seas on 4.8.19 and i was wondering what activities they have for 13 year old girl Thanks
  14. Hi there my family and i are on the oasis of the seas from 4.8.19 and i was wondering what adpator i need to bring to use UK electricals Thanks
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