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  1. We were on Ovation in January and there was most definitely an escape room , we booked it immediately upon boarding at the Seaplex desk - a Load of fun we got out in about 45 minutes - for some reason they don't advertise it and only run limited sessions . They also run a very similar puzzle/game in the Two70 lounge obviously on a much bigger scale - I forget what that oen was called but it too was great fun
  2. We sailed from Sydney OPT in January the TRS desk was manned at midday ( 6.00 pm departure) its right past customs just before you go on board - product does not have to be sealed - just need to have it and the tax invoice with you to claim . We claimed several items took about 3 minutes - simple and streamlined
  3. Yes Pulse was the house band - Lucy Dobero was still on - there is also an INXS Tribute which was excellent - they played 2 shows one in Music Hall the other in 270 And contrary to most I found Pixels pretty ordinary - apart from the technology - sound was very muddy and vocals hard to hear and decipher
  4. Thanks to all responders appreciate you guys taking the time to reply ! Many Thanks and happy cruising
  5. Sydney OPT - I have been able to ascertain that there is a TRS desk there to claim your refunds but what Im trying too verify is the opening hours of that desk . I have read that its only open 4 hours before departure others have said its open all day on a departure date. We sail 6.45but have a boarding time of 12.30 - will the TRS desk be open at that time ? Anyone know or had any experience ?
  6. Ferry departs from King St Wharf #1 departs roughly every 30 minutes
  7. We caught the ferry from Darling Harbour - $9 each - was a nice start to our cruise
  8. Hi we took the Eden from Sydney up to Cairns just prior to your trip - I agree it is a great boat - every single staff member was so friendly and helpful and yes Matthew was brilliant - unbelievably funny at times as was Christian - we had a marvelous cruise on the Eden , the food was better than expected - shows were good fun - I too cant understand some of the reviews i read but then again after seeing an elderly man going off at the staff in the pantry because the pork crackling wasn't ready some people obviously just expect too much and too demanding .. That New Guinea cruise you did is on our radar for next year - unfortunately it wont be on the Eden.
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