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  1. Hey All, I am sailing on Ovation next week and have never been on a cruise before. My gf and I bought the BOGO dining package for the first two nights. The rules state that we are going to be assigned two restaurants on the first two days but I heard I could change the restaurants to what we want and possibly change to later dates too. Where would we go to do that on the first day? Also, how would we find out what restaurants have been booked for us automatically? We also have the Key and were wondering if we could make the changes at Chops before our lunch first day.
  2. We are hoping to go hiking out of town for this port so we figured a rental would be cheaper than a cab. We were hoping to go to the gold rush historical park
  3. Awesome thank you. We are going to rent a car first thing then drive over. Should have plenty of time then.
  4. I have never been on a cruise and as I was planning some activities in Skagway I wasn't sure when to book the first thing. The calendar says the ship arrives at 7am. Does that mean we will be able to start leaving the ship at 7am or will there be a wait? We have the Key on Ovation if that makes a difference. We were hoping to get to the glassblowing tour that starts at 9:30am across town. Do you think that would be cutting it too close?
  5. I'd like to know how The Key works on the Ovation Alaska sailings if anyone has any additional info on that.
  6. Are there any other Key benefits on this sailing like front of the line on the bumper cars?
  7. Do you mean that if you have the key you get to do it twice? I am confused about the key statement.
  8. Did anyone on this sailing get the Key? I was wondering if it will be worth it for my July sailing to Alaska on Ovation. I haven't seen much posted about it here yet.
  9. We have a cruise on Ovation July 5th and still haven't seen any of the activities pop up. Though the Pixels show did show up for reservations today.
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