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  1. If I try to rebook for a later date would my TA and or RC be able to see the FCC?
  2. I got my cruise canceled by my TA. The amount they have is different than what I paid. I was thinking I should get it all back in the form of a FCC. Is that not the case? Also, where do I see the FCC on the RC website when I sign in?
  3. Let us know if that works with Royal. I am in somewhat the same boat.
  4. That is what I figured, but thought I would ask. Thanks!
  5. Can someone answer this question? We got some very good deals on our excursions and drink packages for our cruise next week. However with all the issues, we are canceling and rebooking. Does that mean we need to rebook our drink packages and excursions? We can't just carry them to our next cruise?
  6. We will be on the Navigator over St Patrick's Day. Does anyone know if RC does anything special on that day?
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice and answers.
  8. We set Sail on the Navigator March 16th. We still have not had the ability to make reservations for the shows? I was thinking that came out 45 days prior to sailing. Our only other RC experience was on the Allure so wondering if the smaller ships you don't need to make reservations for the shows?
  9. We are set to cruise on the Navigator of the Seas in March. The prior cruise we were on was Allure of the Seas. A couple dining questions: 1) Does the Solarium not offer breakfast on the Navigator of the Seas? I know on Allure it was a great place for Breakfast. 2) If not in the Solarium, is the only places for breakfast really WindJammer, Cafe Promenade and the Main Dining room? 3) For Cafe Promenade, when is pizza served - when does it start and end? 4) Is there a good location for fresh squeezed orange juice or some good smoothies?
  10. So this is the first time we are taking the kids on a cruise. Question is for the MDR, is there a kids menu? If so, what does that look like. Anybody have a sample of one? Is is the same thing every night? Second question for breakfast. Does Johnny Rockets offer a free breakfast on the Navigator?
  11. Awesome! Allure of the seas did not have that in Cafe Promenade. Thanks!!
  12. My family is going on the Navigator of the Seas in March 2020. Last boat we were on was the Allure of the Seas which we had an excellent time. We liked Sorrentos and being able to grab a piece of pizza. Does Navigator have a pizza place like Sorrentos after dry dock?
  13. Oh. While first cruise so did not understand there was actually a difference. Good to know! Thanks!:p:p
  14. So when you print your set sail pass, do you laminate it or just put the paper in a lanyard. Just thinking paper might get torn etc. Or if you have the app as we are sailing on the Allure, it doesn't make a difference as we have a copy there?
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