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  1. It doesn’t seem to make any sense at all! Hopefully your TA will get to the bottom of it for you. Best of luck for a speedy conclusion.
  2. Good luck Annie. You will get the compensation, it’s just when. Have you thought about an email to P&O? They want happy customers, they chartered the flight, perhaps they have a named contact at Tui customer services? Long shot I know, but you have nothing to lose.
  3. This does seem a tad haphazard. We received a cheque today.
  4. It seems there differences in the advice passengers are given depending on whether P&O are issuing guidance, or TUI are issuing guidance. For information for any other passengers who might find themselves tied up in a lengthy delay to/from Barbados I have detailed the instructions that P&O supplied to us which might help in claiming compensation. P&O instructions for delayed Barbados Flights. Send Email to - aftertravel.flightdelay@tui.co.uk Information to supply- Flight number Date and details of flight. Name of lead passenger Names of accompanying passengers P&O booking reference. Home Address. As an example of timescales - I sent my original email on 10/12. I asked for an acknowledgement but didn’t receive one. I received a reply on 23/12 asking for our address. (P&O didn’t tell us to include our address) I received a notification on 4/1 that our compensation would be paid within 28 days.
  5. Did you not pick up the letter from P&O that was issued when we were all in the Playhouse getting keys for our day cabins? It gave an email address for claims and an outline of the information required. Theres no reason to have to employ a solicitor? Or use Resolver. Just follow the instructions that you were given by the P&O Customer Services Manager. Just make sure you put your full address on in addition to the information stipulated by P&O.
  6. I hope they have told you what booking reference to put on your form.
  7. Did the form ask for additional information that you had not put in the email? Perhaps I’m going to get another email with the form to complete?
  8. I just sent in an email using the P&O booking reference, as P&O instructed. I haven’t been asked to fill in any other forms? The TUI email just says that we will receive the compensation within the next 28days.
  9. Just to let you know Steelerannie, I had an email today from Tui to say that we will receive our compensation within the next 28days. I hope you have had contact too.
  10. Thank you Suzieanna, We were the same. P&O were very good, they gave everyone a cabin to use whilst we waited onboard ship and had dinner before we left. We still had a lengthy wait at the airport though, which was mainly closed. We could buy a drink though.
  11. Thank you Eddie, I really appreciate your help. I put a claim in on 10/12/18/ following the instructions issued by P&O. ie direct to TUI. As did the other poster. Neither of us have received an acknowledgement of our email/claim.
  12. Were you on it Suzieanna? Do you know why it was delayed out of interest?
  13. If the flight was delayed by something outside the airline’s control, then they are not obliged to pay compensation.
  14. I thought you were referring to the Gatwick Flight that was delayed for 4.30 hrs on the way out to Barbados/Azura on 16/11. Same Azura cruise as the one we were on. There were substantial delays on 4 flights both ways as I understand it.
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