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  1. Ponant has announced they will require all passengers to be vaccinated. I would think this policy would include the Paul Gauguin, although nothing has changed on the U.S. Paul Gauguin website. https://us.ponant.com/sail-with-confidence?utm_source=E-mailing_fidelisation&utm_medium=E-mail&utm_campaign=E-mail-Sail-With-Confidence-B2C-US-04_21&ectrans=1
  2. New entry rules listed on the Tahiti Tourism site, so official: https://en.calameo.com/read/0034615031db1ff1cf564
  3. Let's hope with all of the precautions that everything goes well in May. "If it is based on a protocol (see box) today validated by Paris, the gradual resumption of tourist activity will be in the “test” phase, in May, as Edouard Fritch indicated on Thursday. The reopening of borders is designed in a “ progressive and responsible ” manner and its character is “ reversible ”.”Is not excluded:“ In the event of an epidemic resumption (…), if there was a danger that appeared for our population, we would go back ”, warned Dominique Sorain."
  4. The above quoted text is for domestic travel. Per CDC Guidelines this is not correct if returning from international travel, unless you are fully vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated you still need a viral test 3-5 days after you return, and self quarantine for 7 days, or 10 days without the test, even if you live in Southern California. If you are fully vaccinated, a viral test is recommended, but self quarantine is not required, unless your state requires it.
  5. I have read where United and Air France have cancelled flights to PPT as far out as May 29th, so they may know more than we do, or perhaps they are just speculating June 1 as well. No idea about Air Tahiti Nui or French Bee.
  6. Tahiti Tourism Board changes travel ban from "indefinitely" to "to temporarily suspend travel to French Polynesia for tourists from all origins. This restriction remains in place for April 2021 and will be updated as soon as the authorities have more information on a reopening date." Not sure if that is good news or bad.
  7. I received an this morning from Paul Gauguin, showing new stateroom. New chairs, sofas, linens, lights all look really nice. No mention of bathroom renovation, which I felt was really needed. A couple of images of Le Palette. Only images of the fabrics used in the restaurants and other public areas that I can find. Hopefully more images will be available soon. https://www.pgcruises.com/renovations?utm_source=PGCConsumer&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=DryDockAnnounce/?ra_ref=pg1978
  8. Keep checking back here, there are some people on this board who have very close contact with the ship and usually post regularly about when things are happening.
  9. The Paul Gauguin is in dry dock in Singapore, and is scheduled to resume service from Papeete in June, and is selling cruises for June 6th and beyond. At the moment French Polynesia is completely closed to tourism due to Covid, but there is hope that they will open back up in April. Nothing is set in stone, everything is fluid, and everything is just a guess at this point. A year ago I thought my Sept 2021 cruise would certainly sail, I'm not anywhere near as certain at this point.
  10. I didn't realize the on board crew would do that much work while underway, although it does make sense. Certainly the teak work and decks could be done underway. But I don't imagine them getting new furniture until they arrived in Singapore. I guess rip out the old on the way there, and install the new on the way back. Let's at least hope so anyway.
  11. Now that it is pretty well confirmed that Ponant will not be converting the aft cabins, I'm very curious to know how much of the above will actually be undertaken in dry dock. Are they going to spend the money and truly refurbish the ship, other than converting the aft cabins, or are they just going to get the old girl seaworthy and able to accommodate Covid requirements? I think the amount of money Ponant is willing to invest in the Paul Gauguin at this point will be very telling about her future.
  12. That may be the case, but curious if seascot received a 30% discount from the prices now posted on pgcruises.com. This was never Paul Gauguin's policy before that I'm aware, although they would offer sales for short periods on select cruises. However those cruises were usually in the near future, were not full, and they were trying to fill empty cabins.
  13. It's a little bizarre, if I type in Ponant.com, I will sometimes get the French site, which shows the Paul Gauguin. However, if I click one of the cruises, it takes me to the US site, which is us.ponant.com which does not show Le Paul Gauguin or any of her cruises. Most of the time when I type in ponant.com, I'm automatically redirected to the U.S. site. If you look for Oceania and Pacific Cruises on the U.S. site, they only show cruises in Australia, perhaps it's because they are still booking U.S. passengers out of the Washington state in the U.S., and they are using the pgcruises.com site.
  14. That's interesting, the U.S. site seems to be a bit wonky. The ship does not show up in the drop down menu at all, and if you look for Oceania and Pacific cruises, it says no matches. Then the Paul Gauguin popped up on one page, and when I clicked to see the cruises it disappeared. It may very well be that it is an issue with the U.S. site. Do the prices I quoted above from pgcruises.com align with the prices Ponant is offering? How long ago did you book? Has your price changed from when you booked?
  15. After studying the Paul Gauguin website, it seems that lower prices will apply to almost all of Paul Gauguin Cruises in 2022. I'm seeing some dramatically lower prices in 2022 for identical cruises/dates charged in 2021. The Dec 4th, 2021 11 night Society and Tuamotus cruise prices start at $6995, while the same cruise, minus the extra night in Taha'a, just 30 days later on Jan 4, 2022, has a starting price of $5110, that's a 27% drop in price. Other 10 night Society/Tuamotus cruises in 2022 range from $5395 to $5900 with one at $6200. That's pretty significant. My Sept 25, 2021 Society Island
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