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  1. Great review, love all the pics. Will be anxiously awaiting the rest of cruise recap. We will be sailing the Conquest at the end of April.
  2. Awesome review. We'll be on the Sunshine in July. Looks like you had a great cruise. Thanks for posting !
  3. No, it stays the same price throughout your cruise. I've never seen the price drop since I've been cruising. If you purchase Cheers before you board it's like $5.00 a day cheaper. The price recently increased a little on shorter cruises, 3-5 day trips.
  4. The shrimp cocktail in the MDR. Just be sure and order 2 of them. Also can't believe nobody has mentioned the flat iron steak in the MDR as well. My last 3 have been cooked to perfection !
  5. Check out the breakfast buffet in the Ocean Plaza. Nice food selection and very little crowd.
  6. We only tried the clam chowder while on the Horizon. It was delicious. The menu prices were very reasonable. Looking forward to making a return visit to the Seafood Shack in April on the Conquest !
  7. My vote is the Horizon. The 7 day itinerary is much nicer than the 6 day, but we've recently sailed the Horizon and it's a truly amazing ship top to bottom !
  8. dlphn501, we flew in and took a taxi to our hotel. Next morning we took the 10 am shuttle from hotel to the port. Usually a short 15 minute drive, but when we got to the port the traffic was really heavy. Every line had a ship going out. We were dropped off at the terminal entrance at 10:45 am, and ordering our first drink at the Atrium bar at 11:00am !
  9. I always reach the 15 limit. DW usually 1 or 2 times a cruise, depending on the length of the cruise. Normally she is in the 11-12 range. She will order for me when mine is exhausted. I've been told a couple times by bartenders "your card is about done but you still have some life left on your wife's card". We are firm believers that getting to know a couple of bartenders and $1-$2 a round go a long way. Not counting our specialty coffees in the mornings, DW will have a few bottled waters and I'll have a couple of Powerades, the Cheers package is a no brainer for us!
  10. I agree with everyone Anna Maria is special, but the duo of Caesar and Julia on our last Sensation trip are our favorites. Caesar was incredible, he is really into the presentation of a drink !
  11. So sad, I was fortunate enough to meet Topher in early October. We're both from Lebanon Junction, Kentucky. He was born on the street across from us. He will be missed by so many.
  12. Kimberlym4, we never had any problems finding chair or tables and a bartender at the Atrium bar told us the ship was at almost full capacity.
  13. Mostly Hip Hop and rap with a few rock songs thrown in. If you want a drink, the bars around the pool area will be stacked, walk to any other bar and no line at all. Your CD will make all the difference in the world.
  14. We recently did the Sept 28 - Oct 3 sailing on the Sensation with another couple. We all had faster to the fun. Once we got to the terminal, we never stopped moving until we reached the obligatory group picture log jam. Then it was on to the Atrium bar where we ordered our first drink using our boarding passes. We were booked on the 7th floor, so our rooms were just right around the corner. We had a balcony and our friends had an interior room 2 doors down. We grabbed our sail and sign cards and were off to the Atrium bar again, then headed to the Lido. After lunch we started walking around checking everything out. After reading horror stories about the condition of the Sensation,we didn't know what to expect. DW and I were pleasantly surprised with what we saw. First stop was Nassau, none of wanted to snorkel or do a day pass to Atlantis so we all decided to just walk around town. Next stop was Half Moon Cay. Weather was perfect and the Hamburgers and Hotdogs were excellent. Last stop was Grand Turk, this is the stop we all looked forward to. We've been once previously but stayed at Margaritaville. After hearing about Topher, DW joined his Facebook page. We read his bio and noticed his hometown was Lebanon Junction Kentucky, thats where where we are from. We got to talk to Jack, Janet and their daughter and found out Topher was born on the street across from us ! How cool is that. Our MDR visits were some of our best we've experienced. A few crew members I'd like to mention were Salvo and Christian at the Atrium bar, awesome, funny and felt like friends. Also, Ceasar and Julia at the Alchemy bar, I cannot say enough about these two. Once again the Cheers package more than paid for itself. Looking back, a great time was had by all !!!
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