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  1. We just got back from our cruise on the Indy- we had bids in the high range (strong) for Royal Suite, owners suite, 2 bedroom grand suite and 1bedroom grand suite and a min bid on the junior suite (we were in a spacious balcony room). We didn’t win any of the bids and didn’t get the denial letter until 6pm night before boarding. I don’t think anyone on that sailing won their bid. It was a full ship.
  2. I can’t say I agree. We had a bid in on a RS and it was a very strong bid. A few weeks ago, I went in to see the status of my bid and I kept getting a message saying no eligible cruises found. Tech support told me the bid was valid because it was pending, told me to cancel and re-bid. I wasn’t able to re-bid. RC confirmed that the room is not available for bid up.(so why did they send it in the first place?)
  3. I third that thought. We were offered a Royal Suite on our upcoming cruise. Since the bid was way less than we would have paid, we went for it. After two weeks of working with Tech support, they told us to cancel our bid and re-bid because we couldn’t change our bid, we did so and now can’t get the bid option back. I immediately let them know and they said there is nothing they can do (even though the email says if it was unbauthorized cancellation, to reply back). They told me the option isn’t available anymore. I explained that I have it in writing from them, that I can cancel or change the bid until it has been accepted by RC and my credit card charged. Since I couldn’t modify my bid, and the room isn’t available-seems like I’m the sucker that gave them some market data. It doesn’t matter to me in the end, but wouldn’t a survey be an easier way to get market data than offering something that doesn’t exist?
  4. Sorry, now we are on the Independence leaving the same day. Seems like the Royalup on the “smaller” ships isn’t as efficient as the big ones.
  5. If it is any comfort, we have had bids in since February and still haven’t heard anything...except we ended up accidentally canceling our bid because there was some technical issue. It will all fall into place on Sunday!
  6. I don’t think anyone has figured out who gets selected and who doesn’t. Seems like it is only one per cabin. And in groups, it may only be one cabin that gets the letter.
  7. We weren’t so lucky. Our bid is completely gone. No way to get it back. No matter at this point, we will sail as scheduled and enjoy some extra cash in our pocket.
  8. Yes, I see that now. But again, we are happy we are going on a cruise and we now have the financial means to book the suite outright. Blessing in disguise!
  9. I am going to recommend that people DO NOT cancel the bid with that message. I did it and now my bid for the Royal Suite is gone completely. Bummer. We bid high and were really looking forward to winning the bid. I realize we could have initially booked the room if we wanted, but we didn’t have the financial means at the time. No matter, now we can save the money for our next cruise.
  10. Did you actually have the “no cruises found” message?
  11. Got an answer for my “no eligible cruises found” issue. They told me to cancel my bid and re-bid. No way am I risking that. If anyone is daring enough to do cancel and try to re-bid let me know! I’m just afraid that if I cancel, it won’t ever show up again.
  12. You just might have to go investigate the people in the owners suite you wanted to see if they got it via bid. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Was your bid pretty high anyway?
  13. I tried calling them today and it sounds like there may be an IT issue. Something about opening a ticket, can’t do anything about it, sorry we don’t have an answer as to whether your bid is actually being considered or not. What do do you do??? Have fun and sail on!
  14. Any word on your bids being accepted? Have fun either way!
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