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  1. Yes, I was wondering the same thing... Have you posted your review yet? Thanks!
  2. Wow! that's a pretty nice suite. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks for your response. Looking forward to seeing some of your pics when you have time to post. A few more questions. 🙂 What was the muster safety drill like? Did you check out the library and if so, was there a good amount of English books or should we bring our own? Was there ice cream? What were the hot tubs like? HOT or not? Cleaned regularly? Anything else you can comment on?
  4. Thanks for posting. I realize the ship is quite old but did you notice this and if so, how or where? What was the state of the carpets? Did you get to see any of the inside or outside regular cabins? What type of food did they serve in the buffet? Any pics? What were the specailty coffees like? Thank you for any other comments and pics you can post of the ship.
  5. Thank you Hank. This is what I have done but sadly, I do not ‘trust’ when they give their hours. 24 hours in Canada or 24 hours elsewhere may not always mean the same thing.... At least that has been our experience on a number of occasions. We have decided to get a place really close to the airport for that night only ( shuttle will pick us up) and then get the car rental the next morning during normal hours of business. Hopefully that will work out with no glitches and we can get a decent sleep. 🙂 Thanks again.
  6. We are flying into Athens a few days before our cruise and want to reserve a car online. However, we can not seem to get any answers as to whether the rental kiosks are open to service us a car that late in the evening. We have been burnt before by ordering a car online (in Florida) and when we arrived to pick up the car at 6:02 pm, there was a sign at the desk which said, “attendant will be back at 8am tomorrow morning. “ No calls or emails to let us know what happened. They did give us an upgrade the next day for the inconvenience (had to stay in a nearby hotel overnight) but no explanation as to why we could not get the car on the previous day or at the time for which it was booked. I am hoping to avoid this from happening again and want to know for sure before booking. (I don’t trust a phone call at this point because I don’t speak Greek and how do you prove anything ‘from a phone call’ when you stand at a kiosk with no one there... ) Our accommodations are about an hour away from the airport. Anyone know?
  7. Excellent! Thanks for the advice. Will look into booking at one of those places and will probably be part of the group on the train then that morning. Will they have enough room for a large crowd? And the biggest mall?? Oh oh... need to save some cash for the cruise. 🙂 Looking forward to this vacation! Thanks again!
  8. Gary, we will be on that cruise from Colon to Lisbon in April. Quick question if you don't mind. We are flying in to Panama City on the 15th. What would you recommend as the best way to get to Colon on the morning of the 17th? Or would you recommend we get a place to stay in Colon rather than Panama City? (Not wanting anything fancy or expensive, but safe and clean).
  9. Did any of you ever eat in the diningroom for supper? What were the meals/menus like? Was there a variety offered over the course of a few days? Extra tipping anywhere beside the gratuities? (sorry if somebody posted this and I missed it)
  10. Booked on this cruise. 🙂 We will see what it is like and will post a review.
  11. Wow!! Thank you everybody for all these helpful answers!!! I appreciate it so much and will do my best to put as many of these suggestions into use. Thanks again!
  12. Thank you Jenny and Flatbush. I was wondering when the best time would be to check out for cancellations of a particular cruise when right now, the cruises I am interested in are sold out. Both are for May 2020. One is a Carnival and the other is an RCI. Both sold out. So I was wondering how to possibly buy a cancellation should one arise and how to go about doing that. I was thinking that possibly “sold out” could include people who have made reservations, but could still cancel, freeing up a reservation for me. Just not sure how to get that... Thanks!! much
  13. I have heard that people who book a cruise have a ‘final date’ before which they can cancel their reserved cruise, get refund of downpayment , etc. Does anyone know how many weeks in advance of the actual cruise sail date people can do this? Not asking for any specific cruises, but am just wondering in general, if it is six weeks prior to sail date, 8 weeks prior, etc. And is this date different for various cruise lines? Thanks in advance.
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