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  1. We love Cozumel. There’s so many things to do there. We’ve been 4 times and have yet to repeat anything. Waters beautiful and we enjoy our time there. Progreso is okay. If you’re looking for the clear blue waters, you will not find it. For some this is a deal breaker. Grand Cayman is a favorite of ours. It’s gorgeous there and we love the beach. Ive never been to Amber cove.
  2. I did a search on the forums but couldn’t come up with answers to my questions. I want to book the Chefs Table for my parents on our sailing. I also want to pay for it. Are you able to book something like that for someone? Do you pay when you book? Is it when you go you’re charged? Has anyone done this before? I think my dad would love it and he wouldn’t pay for himself to do it. Thanks!
  3. Quick question about ID in port. I know there is a debate between take passport or not taken passport off the ship. If a person chooses to leave their passports on the ship and carry their drivers license/S&S card, what do minor’s take? Just the S&S card? Should anything else be taken off ship for the minor?
  4. Hello, we will be in Progresso and Cozumel in March. My mother will have a manual wheelchair that can fold up. She can walk a short distance in her own. Will the shuttles in Progresso be able to take her fold up wheelchair? We want to go to Chankanaab in Cozumel. Will the taxis be able to hold her folded up wheel chair?
  5. We will be visiting the port in March. We are trying to find something for our group to do. The ruins are out. My mother has limited mobility and can’t walk long distances. We will have a wheelchair with us. Any suggestions? Is it reasonable to push wheelchair to the beach?
  6. Quick question, I've tried searching the board but when I do.. it mostly speaks to gratuities for your cabin. When you tip for room service, drinks at the bar, any service.. is this tipped in cash or do you put it on your account? I'm trying to determine how much cash I should bring. I didn't know if I should give cash when I go get a drink or have one delivered or put it on sail/sign. THANKS
  7. Anyone know how much overhang kn the Valor? Particularly deck 8?
  8. I have a question that I'm not sure of the answer. I've tried to do some research and didn't find a clear answer. I am currrently booked on the Valor for ext. aft balcony rooms 8457 and 8459. Myself, my husband, 3 children and grandbaby are sharing those rooms with 3 of us per room. My son may not be able to go now due to work schedules. If I cancel him, that would leave 2 people in the room. Does that mean they would move the rest of us to a different room? I wasn't sure what would be comparable if they did? I'm trying to decide if I should just financially take the loss and not check him in or if I should cancel him. I have not paid in full yet and I don't have the names listed yet. So I think I would only be out the deposit. I really wanted aft balconies for both rooms and I really wanted the rooms next to each other. I know this a risk that happens when you book 370 days in advance. I am just trying to weigh my options of what I should do. Thanks
  9. Any chance there are on the Valor or will be soon??
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