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  1. While I'm aware that we can bring bottles of wine on board, I was wondering if we could request a bottle of the "house" wine to drink in our room. Has anyone done this?
  2. I'll be cruising in Nov and just discovered that I own 100 shares! If I purchase a wine package now, can I apply the $100 towards that or can I only use the credit for purchases made once I'm on board?
  3. Regarding the Sommelier Suite Cellar package, if I purchase 4 bottles of wine with this package can I take the bottles to my room? If I want to drink my wine with dinner, do I take my bottle to the dining room? Can I just haul a bottle of wine around the ship and drink wherever I want to on deck? If I don't do any sort of package, can I still purchase individual bottles to take to my room? I'm just trying to decide if this is something I want to purchase. Any input appreciated!
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