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  1. I hope that they do extend the FCC date, just cancelled out August cruise. My husband is a key worker and he can't book any annual leave, obviously his manager and HR are too busy to be approved annual leave for next year! Looking at the increase in fares I think we might end up with a 2 night cruise. But as long as we come through this that's all that matters.
  2. We look at what activities are scheduled for the kids club and if there is something that they want to do we plan around that. Last summer on sea days (only had 2) morning kids were in the club, making lanyards, painting T-shirts etc, then we took part as a family in the open to all bowling tournament, in one of the lounges and using a Wii console. Eating, swimming, deck games, treasure hunt, and more eating filled up the day. There are usually activities aimed at the whole family, just have a look at the daily newsletter.
  3. Found this online , has photos of drinks menus https://www.cruisemummy.co.uk/po-cruises-drinks-menus-2019/
  4. Does everyone in the cabin have to buy the non-alchoholic package?
  5. Getting ahead at work and leaving copious handover notes 🙄. Closely followed by stopping the kids wearing the clothes that are hung up ready to pack.
  6. The list of acts sounds great, but it's not in the school holidays 🙁
  7. We have cruised with kids for about 11 years, things we learnt to always pack include Calpol (more than you think you need!) hydration sachets nit comb (sorry to say that the kids club isn't immune to nits 😞 ) body wash/soap (our eldest had very sensitive skin) spare sun hat (they always loose one!) when our kids were younger we also packed bed time teddy, drinking cup they were used to and more nappies than we thought we would ever need (we used most!) Most other things you can buy in ports if you really needed to but calpol is an essential!
  8. Peppa pig! If you're travelling with younger family members this would be great. Paulton theme park is the home to Peppa pig but also has other rides for adults. They also have special offers on hotel stays which can be amazing deals.
  9. Princess are great with children. Ours had first cruise when about 14 months old and eldest is 13 this summer and looking forward to this year's cruise. last summer on Sapphire Princess we had no problems at all, waiters would bring whatever the kids wanted, often things that weren't on the menu , eldest would try something new but waiters would bring him a plain burger without us having to ask if he saw he wasn't enjoying his food. when they were younger the staff in the buffet would carry the plates or test for us and set up a high chair. In the dinning room they will bring the children food quickly, if they have same thing most days you won't need to ask! Last summer the children menu included spaghetti and meatballs, burger, chicken, but you can ask for any of the adult items without the sauce or mix and match items. we never have any worry that out family will be hungry and we are fussy!! A meat eater, a veggie, a low-carb, a sugar free, plus two with allergies! Never had a problem. You can ask to see the menu for the following evening and if there isn't anything you want then you can ask for something else.
  10. There is a gap at the side where the ladder goes, this can be plugged with a pillow, but if she wriggles a lot it won't stop her if she is small. There is also a gap at the bottom of the bed and a gap at the top. A pillow stuffed under the edge of mattress is enough to tilt it towards the wall. Photo of upper bunk on Princess ship, but similar to many P&O
  11. As with any policy check carefully. check the cancellation cover, some don't cover a high enough amount. Also if it is through work check that you and the children are covered to the same level as the main policy holder. My work has one that doesn't cover family members for missed departures, abandonment and many more that you would expect to be covered
  12. Maybe P&O are bringing Noddy and Mr Bump back. We did a med cruise about 11 years ago, big promotion to encourage families with pre-schoolers. Resulted in chaos at times when Noddy appeared in the buffet and the toddlers all screaming towards Noddy weaving around older passengers with mobility aids. 😂 Happy memories but was so badly planned 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️
  13. Hi. Post the query on cost of nappies and availability in Caribbean on the family forum, think it's a subheadings under special interest. Use term diapers rather than nappies 😁. We only cruised from Southampton when our children were in nappies so not much help. Email P&O to ask for a travel cot/pack&play for your cabin, they are great for keeping babies and toddlers safe while getting yourself ready. I would also recommend toddler reins as there are so many dangers and distractions onboard. It also stops other passengers cutting in between you and your child. If this is your first cruise with a baby a heads up that the crew will love your baby and do everything possible to make sure everything goes smoothly. Many crew have children at home who they miss terribly.
  14. Hope you are enjoying your cruise, are mocktails available? do you know the price of soda like coke?
  15. Yes but also take a distinctive pillow case/cover, if yours is plain white it might get mixed up with the cruise lines ones. A vacuum packaging bag can be useful, we have the type you roll up to get excess air out.
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