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  1. Hope you are enjoying your cruise, are mocktails available? do you know the price of soda like coke?
  2. Yes but also take a distinctive pillow case/cover, if yours is plain white it might get mixed up with the cruise lines ones. A vacuum packaging bag can be useful, we have the type you roll up to get excess air out.
  3. No brochure for us 🙁. I am hoping that there is a school holiday no fly that isn't to Norway, whilst beautiful I don't want to go again. Already booked for the med next August on brittania. I am hoping that there is a canaries itinerary available in August 2021. The school holiday cruises book up so quickly 😕
  4. I take a few evening bags, I am used to checking that I have my bag, I wouldn't remember to check just for my cruise card. I carry cruise card, mobile, tissues etc. I use flattish bags that I can keep on my lap during dinner.
  5. How much time does your daughter and her family normally spend in their holiday room? If they like to relax in their own room for hours every day then I would suggest that they look at the larger cabins. If they are more like my family, the older the children are the less time we spend in the cabin We just use it as a base to sleep and change in. On a cruise ship there is so much for everyone to do. When our children were younger we had suites, much more room for the travel cot, then mini suite, then large balcony. This summer we tried an outside (no balcony) cabin for the first time. It was fine, we had pull down bed for kids and we didn't feel cramped. Have a look at you tube for video of cabins to give you a good idea of the differences.
  6. We have always found that the MDR staff will do all they can to give you a meal you enjoy. You can ask to see the menu the night before and choose something or ask for any combination. You can mix and match items in the menu. On this year's cruise our eldest child had a bacon cheeseburger and chips almost every night, it wasn't on the menu every night but the waiters were happy to get it. I often have an item that is a starter doubled up for a main course.
  7. We had a cabin a few doors down last month, we didn't hear any noise from the wheelhouse bar, we did take ear plugs just in case.
  8. The chocolate mousse, pecan pie and carrot cake are all delicious. Eldest child loves the cookies, especially when he gets one of each type 🙄
  9. Hi OP Most cruise lines have a choice of breakfast options. Room service, main buffet, MDR and some have a "grab & go" or a limited selection in a small cafe in the atrium (typically). I dont know which cruise ship you are on so cant give any specifics. Room service is obviously convenient but in our experience it sometimes arrives later than booked. Main buffet can be the easiest option, lots of choice and it can be quick as most items are already prepared. MDR can be the most relaxed but can often take longer as you order and have waiter service (we only do MDR breakfast when we have nothing planned to do early in the morning). The "grab & go" or small cafe option is very quick, but limited choice, typically wraps, filled croissants and muffins (but some have granola, fruit etc). I'm sure you wont have any problem choosing somewhere for breakfast no matter which cruise line.
  10. We are waiting for them too, need school holidays. I have been searching for no fly cruises for August 2021, so far there are only a few Princess cruises available.
  11. The goats cheese souffle is delicious. Always order the chocolate journeys dessert. And the four cheese pizza slice was so good this summer.
  12. Ours came with the hole already punched in. Princess gave all passengers a cruise card already hole punched at check in. This was on the sapphire princess earlier this month. Princess shops were selling lanyards of course 😉. The children's club made lanyards on the first evening during family time.
  13. On our recent Princess cruise, about 2weeks ago, there were a lot of large family groups on anytime dining. We used a different dining room each night and saw a number of tables for groups of 8-10. We also saw staff moving the smaller square tables for four together to accommodate a larger group. We did speak to one cruiser who was in a family group of 12, on our cruise Princess had difficulty providing a table for 12, so they had two tables for 6. He was impressed with how short wait times were.
  14. P&O (UK) Arcadia has single cabins and has a British Isles cruise in 2020 Cunards Queen Victoria has single cabins and has a British Isles cruise in 2020
  15. We did anytime dining as it suits us better with the children.
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