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  1. Norwegian Jewel new video on recent refurbishments Click on the link for you tube video. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FDY21T8MCtAk%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR26Ni6cyyxkZkLOvKLpqaCOhCzGTHKioPltV42A8VO_5y4AzPhWxkHRsu4&h=AT2GTNOGs1KX0ETgA6hk9qia3GGNVcn8Yr5NFcGPz12SZFJ4BC6C4qKtsHvcXl_PBAPiSaYS3J9HSGZ0D01AXRYU0kb3tOJKIhMqNIPj6siyNa4HeO3OZ49RTNDull897Sp-mj4
  2. Thanks for the update. Hope they fix the Jewel soon so your trip isn't further interrupted. The ship sounds amazing after the refurb. Keep posting and enjoy your trip to Australia.
  3. Thanks for your comment. Just to be clear, I didn't choose the Norwegian Jewel for the waterslide but for the amazing itinery. The itinery worked for me and the slide was a bonus especially for those families traveling with young children, no matter what the slide is like. From what I can tell, there aren't a lot of outdoor activities for the children. In my opinion a ship without a slide or waterpark is gearing itself towards a different market.
  4. A seperate thread was created because it doesn't belong on this Norwegian Star thread, nor does it belong on a Roll Call thread. Thank you for your comment.
  5. Glad you had fun on it. Is the slide as bad as what some are saying on this thread?
  6. Maybe upgrade was the wrong choice of words, they should've replaced the old weatherbeaten slide (as you have described it) with a new water slide. Is it the Jewel that you and your son have been on or a sister ship?
  7. I don't know how lame the slide was, as I haven't been on it. I didn't choose the Jewel for the slide but for the itinery. The slide is for the children, there aren't a lot of outdoor activities for the children...mainly indoor only.
  8. I'm don't know how lame it was, as I havem't been on it. I didn't choose the Jewel for the slide but for the itinery. The slide is for the children, there aren't a lot of outdoor activities for the children...mainly indoor only.
  9. NCL have removed the water slide from the Jewel during the recent 2018 dry dock refurb to make way for a more relaxing atmosphere by the pool. But what about the families that booked knowing their kids would enjoy the slide. Have read posts on cruise critic about other NCL ships losing the slide during a refurb and some saying that the yellow slide wasn't the best and outdated. If this was the case, why not upgrade the slide instead of taking it away! Or create a small water park. As an adult I enjoy going on the slides. Have been on a cruise without a slide and it's just not as enjoyable for the young ones as well. Very disappointed! https://www.ncl.com/au/en/travel-blog/norwegian-jewel-dry-dock-2018-ship-renovation-details
  10. They have also removed the slide during the NCL Jewel 2018 refurb. Very disappointed about this. If the yellow slide wasn't great NCL should've upgraded it!
  11. Thank you to all who replied to this thread. I decided to go with World2Cover as it included $5000 car insurance excess as we were thinking of hiring a car at one of the ports in NZ. Almost the same policy as RACV travel insurance with a couple of differences ...same underwriter. It was also a part of my Entertainment Book membership so it came at a discount too.
  12. I suppose I have never known this clause was in place. I have been on 3 cruises so far...maybe I should start reading all the fine print! It seems that insure and go is very popular. Has anyone used Holiday rescue travel insurance?
  13. I have been reading the pds statements that come with most insurance policies and was surprised to notice that they don't cover you if you have had any alcohol in your system when an incident occurs. I don't drink a lot ...maybe 3 max per night...seems a bit rough if they don't cover you after a few drinks. I can understand not providing cover if you are completely intoxicated and incapacitated. Anyone had experience in this area?
  14. Hi all, I am trying to decide in a good travel insurance company, with the least amount of hidden clause's ( if thats even possible). Please tell me about your Travel Insurance experiences if travelling / cruising from Australia to New Zealand. Thank you
  15. Hi, are you saying that cruises that sail from Australia are not allowed to have smoking indoors? So does that mean NCL Jewel will have to stop the smoking in casino while on their sailing Syd to NZ. That would be amazing if enforced.
  16. Thank you for your detailed response. I really hope what you have said is true about these opaque windows being removed. I'm mainly interested in the starboard cabins between 8070 to 8088. I will post again soon if I find out anything. I have posted this question on the current sailing of Jewel, but no replies just yet...they are probably having too much of a good time!
  17. Thank you for your response. I have spoken to a travel agent who says that these rooms do have frosted windows, but as you have said...the post below says otherwise. I would really like to hear from someone who has actually been in one of these rooms. Thank you
  18. Hi all, I'm planning a trip on the Norwegian Jewel Would anyone please tell me if obstructed cabins 8070 to 8086 have a window that is opaque? Been reading some posts and someone posted this..see 3 attached images. Just wanting to know if its correct. Thank you.
  19. If you don't mind me asking, did you book interior, oceanview, obstructed view, balcony or upwards? Just wondering which rooms had price dropped for you. I'm about to put full payment down on obstructed view tomorrow. Thanks
  20. Thanks for your reply...I understand this thread is old but was interested if anyone had encountered any recent price drops.
  21. Can anyone tell me if this price drop has happened recently on Norwegian Cruise Lines for Australia and New Zealand cruises after final payment? And if so, were you upgraded or reveived a refund? Thank you.
  22. Would you base your decision (when choosing a certain cruise ) if smoking is allowed in Casinos? Smokers? Non-smoker?
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