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  1. Thinking about a Caribbean cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam this Spring. Family of 3, including a 14 year old. We would prefer mid-ship, lower and a nice balcony. I've read about the possible view of the tops of the lifeboats, I don't think we'd care about that, but we would want a good balcony and a quiet cabin. Suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Be careful Roz, or you'll be reported for telling it like it is and your post will be removed.
  3. Old Salt- So, those of us with dietary restrictions should pay extra? You've made this ignorant comment before. My choice as a person as someone with Celiac Disease is either pay more or poison myself? Thanks for your concern for humanity. Sorry that our genetics inconvenience you.
  4. We'll be leaving on the Eurodam on May 25th from Seattle. 1st time cruisers, we're a couple and our 13 year old. Everything we read was that although HAL is typically older folks, Alaska is more of a mix. Daughter will probably hang more with us and use the pool daily, its covered, so that helped our decision. Key for us was airfare cost to Seattle and Glacier Bay being included. If it wasnt Alaska with the ports, maybe we'd be more concerned keeping her entertained, but we think the week will go fast. Whatever you choose, have fun.
  5. :confused: Why are you even concerned with this? Millions of Americans, not to mention the world, have serious dietary requirements that sometimes can be fatal. This thread is clearly marked for those of us with Celiac Disease and/or gluten issues. Why are you here, to cause drama? 1 in 150 Americans have Celiac Disease. Many more have other issues. You are clearly unconcerned about anyone but yourself, otherwise you would educate yourself, instead of ostracize yourself.
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