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  1. Next, Just to let you know what we DIDN'T do (this is of course not all inclusive but just big items I can remember: Restaurants: Ocean Blue Los Cabos La Cucina Let Bistro Anything Haven related Food Republic Gelato Bake Shop Cocos Room Service Bars: District Brew House Maltings Skyline Bar Cigar lounge (not a bar but I don't know where else to put this one) Activities and Entertainment: Jersey Boys Happy Hour Prohibition Waterslides (I can't believe we didn't do these) Casino Mini Golf Fitness Center Spa Vibe Beach Club This is starting to sound like we didn't do anything but we did! There is just so much to do and then of course sometimes I like to do nothing:)
  2. First an intro, I'm Liz from Phoenix AZ and I went on the latest adventure with my 17 year old son. This was our 4th cruise, 2nd one on NCL, and 1st with it being just the two of us. Our previous cruising started on NCL Epic for a Mediterranean itinerary, Carnival Imagination for a short Baja cruise, Royal Caribbeans Vision for Western Caribbean, and now the Bliss for the Mexican Rivera. We have enjoyed every cruise, even the short Baja one on the very old Carnival ship. That is not to say everything was great on all of them but we always find things to do and always have a good time because vacations are awesome and I feel very fortunate that we have the time and budget to take one once in awhile:) That being said, the Bliss was one we were especially looking forward to since it is a huge ship and pretty darn new.
  3. Hi everyone! I really enjoy reading and learning from everyone else's experiences on this board so I am going to try to give back by sharing my recent trip. This review will be 4 parts, first a introduction, then a list of all the main topics that I didn't experience (so you know if your question will not be one I can answer), then some high level observations on things I did do, and finally a short day to day summary (if anyone is still reading this at that time!). It might take me a little bit to get it all out there but I hope it is helpful to some people:) Also, I do not have freestyle daily copies to scan but I did notice they were very similar to the ones I have seen recently posted on the Bliss. I also might not have many (or any photos), and I am sure this will be full of grammer and spelling errors ( hopefully not many but I will just apologize for those now).I am happy to answer any questions I can and I hope this helps someone (or is just a way to pass the time until your next cruise).
  4. (I apologise if this has already been addressed.) If you have the beverage package do you get a receipt and option to add tip or do they just scan your card? I am just curious if I need to bring a lot of small bills for tips or if I can just add extra when I purchase drinks. Thanks for any insight!
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