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  1. DH and I have been on over 30 cruises in the last 20 years. We are Elite with Celebrity, but have not cruised with them since adopting our son 7 years ago. Land trips to Hawaii and Mexico are now our preferred vacation. Regarding cruises in general we feel other lines (like Royal and Princess) have more to offer children. But we are cruising Celebrity again this Thanksgiving on a 9 day Silhouette cruise. It was the itinerary to So Caribbean, 9 days vs 7 days and a decent price that made our decision. While the ship doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a RC ship, they do have a kids club and a pool, so our 7 year old will be in heaven. He has become quite the traveler and this will be his 5th cruise. Like Mom and Dad he thinks a day on a cruise ship is better than a day at home! Hope this helps shed some insight into a parent’s decision to cruise Celebrity.
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. You confirmed what I was thinking. We live in Manhattan Beach (suburb of LA) and have done about 30 cruises, but very few on the west coast, so I really appreciate the feedback!
  3. I’m starting to pack for next Saturday’s 3 day cruise from Vancouver to LA on the Royal. Rain is in the forecast for Vancouver and LA is gorgeous right now. It got me thinking... what’s it going to be like on the ship. We always bring a light sweater because ships tend to be over air conditioned, but has anyone done this cruise and can share your experience? Thanks! Gretchen
  4. If I worked 3 blocks from the port, I would head over around noon on my lunch break. Check in, drop off bags and grab some lunch. Then go back to work until final boarding.
  5. If you want cheap Mexican, SuperMex is a local chain. There is one in the downtown Long Beach area.
  6. Is there anything in particular that you want to do in LA? That would drive where I would want to stay. Like the others have said, LA is very spread out. I live in Manhattan Beach near LAX and it is a trek when we go downtown to Dodger games or Santa Monica or Hollywood. Also what month? The 405 freeway can be pretty bad on the weekends in the summer months, but not too bad at other times. Although, with that being said we made it to Santa Monica in 30 min last night for a party at 7:30pm. if you just want to hang out by a pool and maybe explore a little bit, I agree that San Pedro makes sense. That way you are ready for the cruise the next day. If you want more options, Long Beach could make sense as they have an aquarium, water taxi to other areas of Long Beach and lots of dining options. If you want to experience all that LA has to offer (Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Griffith Park Observatory and Downtown LA) I would probably stay near the airport, rent a car for the day and make the most of your day. Then wake up and take an Uber or Lyft to the port.
  7. We’ve been invited several times on celebrity. We’re Elite, but not too many cruises, so I think we were on cruises with not to many Elite + members and I think the host thought we were fun!
  8. Day of the week should be considered if cost is a concern. I live in Manhattan Beach near LAX. On a weekend between 7 and 10am the 405 fwy going north should be wide open, so I would take an Uber or Lyft and the cost should be less than a shuttle/bus and you will get there quicker. On a weekday you will be in the middle of rush hour traffic and you may want to take a shuttle.
  9. Just got off the Ruby yesterday. We had a balcony cabin on the Aloha deck. We had both the new comfy beds and the wall mounted flat screen tv with On Demand movies. Not sure if On Demand has been rolled out to the entire ship, but did not meet anyone grumbling about not having it!
  10. Would free gratuities from your TA also not show up on the cruise personalizer? Thanks!
  11. We will be on the Ruby for Thanksgiving this year with our 6 year old 1st grader. His school (Los Angeles suburb) has the whole week off. We've also cruised over Thanksgiving several times pre-kids and noticed many kids on the 7 day itineraries.
  12. We’ve done several B2B cruises and really enjoy them. Not sure if you have spent much time in FLL, but one thing we like to do is take the water taxi on the Intercontinental waterway. One option would be to take an Uber to the Hilton (probably a 5 min drive). There is a water taxi stop right outside the property. You could then head towards Las Olas and stop for lunch or a drink. Or just stay on and do a loop and look at all the fancy homes!
  13. Between work and other weekend trips we won't have time to schedule our annual holiday photo shoot before our Thanksgiving cruise on the Ruby. Was thinking of pre-purchasing the All Inclusive Photo Package for $199 and hoping that one of the digital shots could be used for our annual holiday card. For those of you that have purchased this package before, is the quality of the digital shots good enough for a 5x7 holiday card? I guess an alternative approach would be to purchase the Platinum Package with the intent of purchasing one digital image, but I just don't want the high pressure sales to buy more. Thanks!
  14. We did this about 7 years ago on Celebrity over the Christmas and NY holidays. We did a 5 day on the Millennium and then two 7 day (B2B) on the Eclipse. Luckily they were parked right next to each other in Florida. We were the last ones off the first cruise and luckily just had one big rolling suitcase each. We just walked from one to the other. With that 5 day cruise we became Elite, so we just walked up to the Elite check in line and got right on. I think we had dinner with the captain at least twice that cruise too! Have fun! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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