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  1. For the manager to say we can request for them not to smoke is ridiculous. All other major cruise lines would stop the smoking not request it. Not sure if I want to test the smoker's desire to abide by the request.
  2. Wow MSC allows smoking on the balcony. That would be a deal breaker for me.
  3. I'm booked on a tour that will probably have a lot of pax from Sandals resort. My tour ends at 3 so all pax from all the different cruise ships have all on board time after 3. We will get dropped off at the terminal and go our own ship.
  4. Lol I'm the OP My DH & I already asked ourselves the same questions last week. We got excited that we didn't have to spend money on the hotel by doing the redeye. It's not a big deal that we have to come in the night before or spend the money. We have decided to fly in a day earlier.
  5. The railroad recommends pax arrive at 5:45 am (hr) before departure. I was worried that it would be difficult getting a taxi around 6 am.
  6. X website won't load pages on my Galaxy phone 40% of the time. For no reason it will start working again. I have to clear the cookies if I want the website to load properly. I don't have these issues on my iPad.
  7. If I changed my Booking to 3 perks I would loose my $200 book now OBC promo that X had a couple of weeks ago for the Caribbean. Plus I wouldn't save any money because I would end up upgrading to the premium beverage package. My DH wasn't convinced that we didn't need the internet or the premium drink package for our Alaska Cruise.
  8. I was basing my math on a 7 day cruise for gratuities. For longer cruises it's a good deal if it comes ahead of the $300.
  9. IMO X is hoping customers will update their drink package onboard. Pick the 3 that doesn't include gratuities since that's worth the lowest amount of the 4. Most customers are going to pay their gratuities. If I picked all 4 the price is exactly the same as the price I paid yesterday. Today's price includes the new (lol) $400 discount for the 2nd customer. This deal will help customers who don't care about the drink package or the internet.
  10. Try X the one Indian dish I had in the MDR had no heat or spice. It was disappointing.
  11. X runs a $200 OBC credit if you sail now on certain destinations. $200 is for Verendas which we sail it's more or less depending on the cabin. Our TA will get us the promotion even if we are already booked on that cruise. Need to make sure the refare will not mess up your already booked promotions.
  12. There are a couple speedboat tours thru TA. I'm thinking about going with a different Co maybe Joe Knows Tours.
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