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  1. Hi, Those who sailed on the Japan cruise (specially Princess) what is the majority of the nationality, American or Asian? What was the language use on the cruise?
  2. Yes, it is now. We just finished the Cruise July 12.
  3. @VagasSlacker, Thank you for your information. Our baby monitor is very similar to yours, so I guess it will work, Thank you again for the information, I will bring the monitor. I will be next door to the toddler and will watch her from our room so I can watch TV or read and will able to see and hear her if she cry.
  4. Our room is next to each other, the monitor is with sound and picture not wifi. @cb at sea, you said it will work through the door what do you mean? There no door between the room, only the front door to each room. My daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter ware in one room and I am in the other room next door. Some night, if they want to go see the show while baby sleeping I will be in the room next door, if baby monitor work that would be great so I can watch TV or read and don't have to be in there room. Would like to know if it work, if not we will not bring it, Since the cruise wall between room is metal not sure the baby monitor with video picture not wifi will work? Liana.
  5. Hello, Has anyone trying to use baby monitor between room on the cruise ship? Just wonder the metal wall between room will interfere with the baby monitor? We will be traveling with toddler and family member we will have rooms next to each other and wonder the monitor will work? Anyone have experience using them? Liana.
  6. HI, I booked post transferred before start of the cruise from (Southampton to Victoria Coach Station), and now got other arrangement therefore does not need the post transfer. I called Princess today and try to cancel the Post transfer and been told they could not do it since it 4 days before the departure, I have to do it once I got on board the cruise but it not guarantee it can be done. Has anyone have any experience try to cancel the post transfer on board and get the money back or it can not be done? Liana.
  7. It has been many years since I am on Crown Princess. Has anyone on Crown Princess lately and use the Laundry room? 1. Is the detergent and drying sheet machine still using coin (quarters) or it now accepting on board cruise card? 2. The laundry machine still operating using coin? How much per load? Just wonder I need to bring some coin, detergent and drying sheets?
  8. Thank you John Bull for answering my question for the port of Southampton luggages handling by Princess that what I am looking for.
  9. The reason I ask at this thread because each embark port Princess handling differently. That why I ask specifically for who use Princess Bus transfer to Southampton on how it handle. I did the Princess Transfer at New York port (Caribbean Princess) several years ago, after get off the bus I have to identifed my luggages and then hand it off to the crew which they loaded into a crate, then it delivered to my room later that day. Don't know what would happen to the luggages if you did not identify and hand it to the crew. South America Cruise (Star Princess) from the airport bus transfer we give our luggage to princess at the airport and did not see it again until it in our room on the cruise.
  10. Has anyone used Princess transfer from airport to Southampton port recently? Once arrived at Southampton port do we need to retrieve our luggages from the bus and to the check-in or Princess will handle it from the bus and deliver to our stateroom directly?
  11. For those who sailed on Crown Princess Mini-Suite recently, does the room came with slipper? I was on Royal Princess 2 years ago, slipper was not provided I have to ask room steward. Is Princess stop providing room slipper for each customer in Mini-Suite?
  12. Hi, has anyone on Crown Princess lately in Mini-Suite. Does the shower has the hand held shower head? We have toddler and wonder the shower head is the hand held removalbe type, it would great to give the toddler shower instead of sitting in the bath tub. Any feed back would be appreciated.
  13. Does anyone travel with baby on Crown Princess? What the crib look like, is it portable or roll away crib? We are traveling with 2 years old and would like to know what type of crib Princess will provide. Any picture would be appreciated.
  14. Does anyone know or see high-chair for toddler in MDR or Buffet? We are going on Crown Princess in June and wonder they do have high-chair or we have to request in advance?
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