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  1. I finally got through after being on hold for an hour, rep picked up I told him why I was calling, he said "please hold" and another hour went by before someone picked up. Cancelled and got a full refund.
  2. Got the email last night that the ship is still having problems. It says to call for a refund request. I tried calling last night. Four times I got placed into queue and about ten minutes later it went to a busy signal, when I finally got someone after 70 minutes, she didn't know anything about it and insisted it was going to grand cayman and the email I got must be from a friend playing a prank because carnival didnt send anything. They really need to train/update their agents with the latest info.
  3. [quote name='siestakeys04']Have you tried calling a local travel agency to see if they received any news?[/quote] Thats a really good idea. I'm going to try that.
  4. I'm not talking about being cancelled for wave conditions, I'm talking about it being replaced with costa maya because the ship is going too slow to make it to GC.
  5. The sailing that left this past Sunday, people had the option of a full refund.
  6. Then if thats the case I would like some sort of word from Carnival so we can make different plans. I'm sorry, but I cruise for where the ship goes, not for the ship itself.
  7. We're not scheduled to go to Grand Turk. I think you're thinking of another ship with issues.
  8. I would cancel if Grand Cayman was cancelled. I've been to Belize and Cozumel before, dont care about Honduras. I'm trying to find out whats going on so I can book something else by this weekend. I'm going to Tampa either way because the plane tickets are already paid for. If we don't go on a cruise, we're going to go to Key West for the week instead. I just want to find out whats going on without getting the runaround and hung up on. My opinion of Carnival wasn't high prior to this, now it's going further down than I ever thought possible.
  9. I've asked it here, no one knows. I'm trying to find out if the sailing on the Legend this Sunday is going to skip Grand Cayman again.
  10. 2nd time. On hold for only 10 minutes. Talked to the rudest, most uninformed service rep I've ever spoken with, hung up on again.
  11. I was just on hold with carnival. The last time I looked at my phone it was at 105 minutes. Someone picked up, I asked about the Legend itinerary and there there was going to be issues on the 24th sailing, I was to to hold and got hung up on.
  12. Which sailing were you supposed to be on for the Legend?
  13. I'm just finding it a bit odd that there is no mention of this sailing anywhere on the site or expedia. If we're missing a port, I'll be taking the refund.
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