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  1. Guess we will pass like ships in the night !
  2. We are in M107 Syd - Singapore in Feb for 19 days but it's not club class for that cruise. I can wish
  3. Hope the lions take it out ! Guess it just pays to treat regular fare checking as a profitable hobby. This is the first last minute one I've snapped up. ive always had the best bargain on first release day as I also like to plan leave even nearly two years out around the best cruises plus the fare just seems to escalate as the date gets closer if you select a popular cruise early. Still not as much fun as actually stepping aboard though
  4. That's a great deal alright especially if you can still select your cabin plus OBC maybe a slow seller which is not that common with newer ships but great when it happens woo hoo !
  5. Another bargain alert just booked today Majestic Princess weekend cruise 3 nights Syd - Syd to nowhere 27th-30th Sept 2019 Scored mini suite with my cabin of choice for $40 more than the cheapest inside cabin ($640) All balcony,deluxe balcony and deluxe premium balcony were hundreds of dollars more than the mini suite category Go figure all categories were available until shortly after I booked this afternoon and then the princess site showed cruise fully booked out. im sure it's not booked out instead I think I finally found a category pricing mistake on the Princess website (at last) and they took the cruise off the market to reset. Probably explains why my princess cruise planner unusually left me on hold a couple times to check when I jumped on the phone and booked one of many available cabins I am interested to see what happens overnight (maybe it's is fully booked but I doubt it.) Now all I need is a visit from the upgrade fairy to really cement the win ! Might be worth checking tomorrow to see if a bargain is still there if you want a little weekend afloat
  6. For goodness sake it's a legit government (Kiwis God bless them ) taking a bit of extra care wot grubs get in to their beautiful shaky Isles There is no Nigerian connection ere mate i trust the Kiwis as blood brothers to us Aussies forever amen. Their security is every bit as good as ours and maybe even better because .. Well ... There's less of 'em you paranoid buggers make me sick
  7. I can't see what the problem is No one cares folks ...just enjoy your travels byand your life. You are not important at all to anybody outside your bubble and the more indignant you get the less important you really are. What are the chances you are a dodgy suspect ???? Do you have a problem with security scrutiny at airports ? Cruise ships? To keep you safe from people who may want to kill everyone on board ? I didn't think so - sadly safety is an enforcement not a privacy right anymore So you have already forfeited any privacy by operating a smart phone anyway (THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE) - who you called and for how long plus every electronic key you press is there on the ether for ever So it really is ok for a country to do what it needs to keep its people safe Just remember if you are paranoid about privacy - no else cares about you ... Just the bad guys - so sadly you are not even on the radar no matter how much you wish you were If you want to ruin your holiday and be paranoid way above any real threat to your privacy go right ahead. Just lock your door and stay home You need to realise that THEY who try to keep you alive don't give a damn about your indignation or you either. ( no matter how important you feel you are )They are searching for the bad guys The world has changed and we need to get used to it I think I can cope with a non issue like this
  8. Just a reminder folks - the sun drenched sale finishes tomorrow. Really good to see a promo that has a real significant benefit to offer, and even better that you are able to upgrade too
  9. Sorry about the caps lock before - I was distracted by a glass of red. I guess what I mean is that the world has changed forever whether we like it or not and we will need to endure some imposts that we are not accustomed to, especially as Australians and Kiwi's. Sometimes it may appear to be an invasion of privacy when really it has become necessary due to increased risk. I think the benefit outways the risk. I, like Lyndarra have no problem with this. Is there anyone out there that objects to security scrutiny at airports to minimise risk to passengers? Cruise ships ? I didnt think so. If you have ever watched border security it is standard procedure to screen mobile phones to assist in the evaluation of the true intentions of suspect visitors e.g bona fide tourist or if you have made arrnagements to work and stay illegally or engage in criminal activity. I assume the only password they need is to unlock the phone. If you dont agree you are on the first plane out. I doubt we will ever return to the blissful innocence some of us are old enough to have experienced,
  10. My take on this is that if you have nothing to hide there is no issue secondly if it keeps us safe there is no issue thirdly I support increased vigilance to achieve the second objective Sometimes it helps to know who the bad guys are We need to support those who are doing everything they can to keep us safe If you are paranoid about privacy the moment you operate a mobile phone or social media - YOU FORFEIT YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY YOUSELF TRUE ENOUGH GUT ???
  11. Well Les sometimes it's all about the moment . We are on Ruby docking the day before. I reckon there is nothing better than getting off Ruby then staying the night at Holiday Inn the Rocks and waking up to see Majestic out the hotel window waiting for us to board to Singers. Sometimes you save $100 but miss a $mill. See you on board
  12. Yes this sun drenched sale is for new bookings only. BUT like all promos like this if your cruise is outside the cancellation time terms you can cancel and rebook without penalty no problem at all. They simply transfer your deposit to the new booking or in my case the full payment In my case the cruise is next Feb so it was 100% refundable anyway and a club class mini over the oceanview for an extra $150 pp is too good to miss. We cruise a lot and it's almost a hobby to maximise every opportunity to grab or improve a great deal. Just peruse your booked cruises as a new booking on the Princess site and they often fluctuate a lot depending on how the ships are filling. What I have noticed is that some promos are very ordinary and some are awesome flash in the pans like this one that only last a few days. The real benefit is being able to cancel and rebook without penalty and these promos are rare as the majority are to fill a ship leaving soon so only new bookings benefit not existing bookings. This thread is great to spread the news and nice to be able to alert fellow cruisers to a real deal
  13. Bargain alert Princess has a short "sun drenched sale "on until Thursday. Just refared an oceanview on Ruby to club class mini for an extra $150pp. Quite a few to pick from Happy shopping ockers
  14. HI bargain hunters - Just noticed Princess has a new sale TODAY until 27th June called Mid Year Clearance including a cruise we are all ready on that is drastically reduced 13th October 2019 Majestic Princess Syd - Tassie 5 days Balcony $819 Mini suite $869 ($173 PPPD) There are more bargains but we cant fit another one in !!!! Good hunting
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