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  1. Im sorry But I dont think this is Parking 4 Cruises. They have complete permission to park in the short stay car park. OUt of All the parking companies, this is the best one by far and cheap too. I would never go with anyone else anymore since finding them. You drive to the luggage drop of....drop off the bags......hand your car over at the carpark opposite and walk to cruise terminal. (yards) On disembarkation, the car is waiting for you at the end of the path....no queues, no problems.
  2. It states that smoking is allowed in "designated outdoor areas". In the list on the website, it gives Balconies as one of those outside areas. It says "We operate a strict ‘no smoking’ policy in all inside areas. Smoking will only be permitted on room balconies (excluding Deck 7 Terrace Balconies on B..."
  3. "Xenophobic behaviour"?? That means " A dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries”. I dont think Ive met many on a Fred cruise.....or any other for that matter..... who have that attitude......quite the contrary. Its also quite sad that displaying a small amount of Patriotism is seen as "xenophobic" by you and others.
  4. The website wont work for me. It asks me to select a destination, but wont show me anything.
  5. Every single adult on board was over 65? Really?
  6. Parking for Cruises service is actually much better than CPS. You come off the ship and your car is at the end of the path, ready to drive out. It isnt like that with CPS.
  7. We had heard lots of great things about Sindhu so were very eager to try it as we are both oriental/indian spice lovers. We went to the taster night. I cant remember the proper name of the evening, but it was the more expensive night with 7 courses and it was also free. They asked us how we wanted some of the dishes.....did we want them mild, medium, hot or very hot. We opted for very hot. We were greatly disappointed as "Very Hot" had barely any spice whatsoever, so I think youll be fine with 'Mild' It was all a bit bland. I didnt expect the food to be frozen food either, but it was. Nothing wrong with the service really. Maybe too many waiters hanging around.....maybe it was a bit OTT......but generally ok. All in all we were very glad we did not pay to go as it was disappointing. We would not go again.
  8. Totally untrue. We were recently on Oriana 28 transatlantic and there was a fantastic mix of ages, from 18 year old right up to a lady of 103 that I spoke to. Myself, my partner, and large groups of friends are nowhere near our 60s! LOL
  9. As far as Im aware, you must be able to walk in order to travel solo, otherwise you need a companion. My Mother cannot walk at all and P&O will not allow her to board without a companion. Assistance therefore is limited, as your companion is supposed to be there to do that kind of thing for you. You might be better off phoning them
  10. It depends which ship and what your tastes are though. P&O isnt just one type of cruise line anymore....they cater for traditional and the modern cruiser. I personally would not want to sail on Brittania or Iona, for example.
  11. We think P&O are fabulous but, I do feel the P&O brand is now split into 2. You have the traditional cruising in the smaller ships. Oriana (gutted they sold her), Arcadia etc and the traditional cruisers are not likely to see negatives in those ships. On the other side there are the bigger family ships......Brittania etc. And those who enjoy bigger ships are not likely to see the negatives in those ships. But the two different groups will see negatives in the other group.........I can list negative for Brittania etc because they dont suit me. I think P&O has great traditional cruising.....until they get rid of the smaller ships. We can sail from the UK to Caribbean and back without flying. Prices are reasonable.....but expensive enough to keep the lager louts off the smaller ships. NO Gratuities from May Very reasonable drinks prices Lovely staff Lovely guests Always deal with problems well Good entertainment program. (Quizzes, games, events, shows, talks, activities, etc) Ok Food (no extra charge for steak) Adult only ships. + More but cant think right now Sure, there are negatives but there is always a flip side to most things......but they are minor. All in all, I think P&O are great for cruisers who want the traditional feel......on some of their ships.
  12. Isn't it Cafe con leche? I also have been to Spain many times. and I can just about ask for 2 coffees with milk, where is the supermarket and how much is that please? Everyone speaks English. But I doI take a phrase book and make the effort somewhat.
  13. Thank you everyone for your replies. Put my mind at rest that we dont have to run as fast as we can to get them signed in at the clubs.....we shall take it slower now then 🙂
  14. Duplicate thread in error.
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