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  1. Yay! More money to enjoy the cruise with now. :-)
  2. Can't wait to follow along. Makes our 440 days until our Alaska cruise out of VC not seem so far away. We plan to fly in a couple days before the cruise to explore as well. Have a GREAT cruise!
  3. Absolutely love these! We were thinking of doing this our next cruise while there. Was the beach insanely crazy to the point of no enjoyment? Our kids would love being so close to the planes though, so maybe the busy-ness is worth it? Hope you are having a wonderful cruise! Enjoying following along!
  4. That sounds like a cool cabin! Really enjoying your review mitsugirly! :-)
  5. When we went this past March, the only things that were extra were premium cocktails, cabanas, and fish food to bring out snorkeling with you. EVERYTHING else was included. Remember to bring a towel, they do not provide those. We did a get a different colored wristband and were assigned a specific boarding time to return, but did not see anyone enforcing it. If you plan to stay late, I wouldn't pay any extra unless asked too. 😉
  6. Great review! Sad to see it end! And love those puppers of yours! Our puppers is 8 months and I think will be a PUPPY forever, but gosh we love her.
  7. Hi we booked this for our 2021 spring break (lets keep our fingers crossed that the school board doesn't break tradition and switch up our spring break that year 😐). This will be our first time back on Carnival since 2006. Looks like it will be an amazing ship!
  8. They've always given me both, but I haven't been doing this as long as some of the others. Maybe call back and speak to someone else?
  9. There is nothing tacky about saving money! 🤣 Yes, I’ve seen it where the savings (or price increase) and OBC cancel each other out. I called once today and the recording said I had a 13 minute wait time so I hung up, but I did call back a few hours later and got someone right away! Now I’ll put all those savings towards another vacation goodie! Thanks for for your thoughts everyone!
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