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  1. Number one stupid statement I have read today. You must have failed history class not to realize many if not most of the D/D+/PC are Vets or married to one.
  2. I don't profess to be a pizza connoisseur and I do not think you need to be one to agree with this statement. RCI pizza is not even good when you are drunk at 3am.
  3. Johnny Rockets is no additional cost for breakfast but there is a charge for lunch. Park Cafe has a nice lunch at no additional charge.
  4. Did not this posted. You will need the reservation number of the other guest not the cabin number.
  5. This weeks sale has balconies on the Allure for as low as $949 and on the Oasis for as low as low as $899.
  6. The ships transfers are over priced. With your arrival time I would say go with a shuttle or cab.
  7. Depending on where you want to go there are some really low prices on this weeks sale. Mariner balconies $699, Oasis balconies $899, Crown Loft on the Allure $2849, Majesty OV 3 night $179 just to name a few.
  8. Did the Chef's Table on the Oasis May of 2011 and again on the Rhapsody in May of 2012. Same menu. From my experience and what I have read on these boards the menu has had little to no change.
  9. I think if you search hogs on the high seas you may come up with something. If my memory is correct they raise money provide dialysis for a couple folks on the cruise. Usually someone from the group jumps in and provides info on threads.
  10. Should not be an issue. Have done it in the CL and DL many times.
  11. This info was also told to us by the staff in the casino on the Navigator last December.
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