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  1. Thank you everyone for your answers. Seems pretty consistent that the trivia is done in teams the same as usual, except for the Sky Princess. Sad that people feel it's okay to cheat by getting the info from the internet, though. Doesn't seem like that would be much fun in order to get a luggage tag or pack of cards!
  2. We have taken several Princess cruises with extended family a few years ago and always enjoyed playing the trivia in 6 person teams. It allowed different generations in our family to do something together and have a laugh. We are considering a Scandinavian trip this summer. Some of my family members just did a Mediterranean cruise and said their cruise had no trivia team games, just some trivia where you sat in a room with others and shouted out answers to questions. They thought it was really boring. Can anyone else who has done recent cruises with Princess let me know if this is how they do the trivia now, or was that unusual? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the additional info.
  4. Hi, we have cruised a lot with my Dad in the past, but he is now 95 and can walk a limited distance with a cane, though he lives independently. When we go into a city this year to do some activity like a show, we take a portable wheelchair to get him to and from any distance necessary, though he can walk short distances and a few steps with a little assistance. We were looking at the Princess Scandinavia cruise, which goes to Kristiansand, Copenhagen, Skagen, and Oslo. Looking at the excursions, it looks like there really aren't any for wheelchair passengers, but he is not fully wheelchair bound, could get into the bus with us assisting him, we could take him in the wheelchair from the boat into the port excursion as that's often quite a distance, etc. He could walk himself into a restaurant, bathroom, etc. If anyone is familiar with the excursions from these ports, do you think we would be able to manage the easy excursions, and will they let us bring a portable wheelchair onto the bus, etc? Thank you.
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