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  1. We have arise on the Vista booked for June 2020, and saw fttf available this morning
  2. We just booked a grand suite on Vista yesterday. About the only other perk I found, other than priority boarding, disembarkation, is the grand suites have access to the Havana pool (must be 12 yrs old to use).
  3. I also don’t know what to expect since this is all new to us. We leave late April, no FTTF but in a suite. Got a check in time of 11:30/12:00, zone A-1. Plan to park in the port garage. WhAt time should we get there cuz I read on another forum about the garage being full by 11:30
  4. Thank you so much for this info. We’re not familiar with the area but booked this hotel based on a friend’s recommendation to stay in Kenner prior to our cruise.
  5. Thank you for the review and loved your photos. We sail our 1st cruise on the Dream in 42 more days.
  6. Thanks ❤️ So both cells go on airplane, but mine I leave the WiFi on?
  7. I feel stupid asking but I’m not very tech savvy. My husband will only use his phone as a camera. Which settings will he need to shut off, or is putting it on airplane mode enough? I added the Carnival social plan to my phone, this way if there’s an emergency back home I’ll have Facebook messenger. What settings will I turn off (data only?) since I don’t want any text or email that week. I don’t want to return all relaxed only to have a heart attack when my cell bill comes.
  8. Pattywac


    Thanks again, you’re a life saver. About how far is Metairie from Kenner? When I googled I saw a Chuck E Cheese there.
  9. Pattywac


    Thank you so much! Centering our trip around a 4 yr old vs “just 2 adults” has made me more careful with each step of planning. I’m Considering booking the Best Western Plus on Airline Rd. Around how far is that from port and is there anything in that area for families to do in the evening?
  10. Pattywac


    Hi. We are 1st time cruisers; 4 of us (me, husband, adult daughter and dear grandson) will be sailing on the Dream on April 28th. We’re driving from Arkansas, and should arrive in NO early to mid afternoon on the 27th, which means we need a room for one night. Somebody we know suggested Kenner, but i’ve never been to NO and have no idea about the area. We plan on parking at the port garage during the cruise, and b/c we’ll be traveling with a 4 1/2 yr old we won’t visit the French Quarter. My want list is breakfast, overnight parking, and internet included, but mostly I want a clean hotel in a safe area. It’s also come to my attention it’s the same weekend as the Jazz festival. I hope not to exceed $200 for the night and stressing. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks bunches!
  11. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences, since I’ve never cruised before it’s helped me so much. We booked the Dream for late April. Looking forward to spring, which will help me to get thru those cold winter ho hum months!
  12. Dang I’m all messed up, sorry for the confusion. I’m trying to choose from carnival Dream (7242) and RCL Enchantment 7172. Ive overloaded on 7’s and 2’s.....It’s been one very long day ;p
  13. You guessed both lines correctly! Since I’ve never cruised I had no idea on the distance between the decks. We went to Disney World, and Hiked there also but the smoking areas were evenly spaced and werent more than 5 to 10 minutes away from each other. I had hoped to get upper deck but all suites were sold out. The carnival agent thought I could go into the casino on deck 5, but I read somewhere (and can’t recall which line it was) that in order to be in there one has to play. I just need somewhere to chill with my morning coffee before I crank up my engine and start my day :)
  14. Thanks for the info. I mistyped (or need new eye balls, or just plain losing it haha). The cabin is 7242.
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