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  1. Also, crewsweeper, Tropicante was also booked or reservations, but pointed us towards their regular menu. How is the beach by the Tropicante? How was the food there? Did they have a good selection of alcohol? Thanks!
  2. Hi crewsweeper, thanks for your input! I just wish your scathing review of the unknown place wasn’t the #2 comment on this discussion... not very fair to Nacho’s - hopefully anyone with information on Blue Kay or Nacho’s will chime-in! I’m curious how this area of the beach is. Is there any coral structure to be found within swimming distance of the beach?
  3. So we contacted Jaimie’s for reservations but unfortunately they are all booked up. They recommended a “sister” beach club: Nacho’s Beach Club, which I have learned is located in/at the Blue Kay hotel. Has anyone experienced Nacho’s? They do have a website that offers some information, but I haven’t seen reviews or anything. So: Any information on Blue Kay? Do they have good food? Top-shelf alcohol? Looking at Google Maps satellite image, it looks like Blue Kay is at the northern part of the the Mahahual beach - how is this area for snorkeling? On the satellite image I am seeing brown structures - what looks like coral Bonnies/ reef structure. Is my interpretation of the images accurate? Is this coral? Is this accessible from shore by swimming? Thanks in advance for any information you’re able to provide.
  4. Can anyone comment on their experiences with the coffee card on Symphony of the Seas?
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