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  1. If anyone is keen, there is a fantastic Facebook group "Majestic Princess Fan Club" that is filled with a great group of Majestic fans. Mostly NZ/Australian members who have sailed on her and share a wealth of information 🙂
  2. We received our full refund in March, and 120 days later mine is still showing as having been sailed, complete with cruise credits.
  3. Mine didn't drop off until sail date, but now it appears in my cruise history as 'completed' along with my 2 cruise credits being added 🙂
  4. I love the Sea and have booked on her again for Feb 2021 and was simply wondering if another refurb was in the plans at all, as it is coming up to 3 years since the last one. I've never noticed any serious price differences in Australian/NZ sailings between the Sun class and Royal class ships ... maybe it depends on the itineraries. I know that our NZ trip on the Sea in 2019 was considerably cheaper than a similar trip on the Majestic, for a comparable stateroom. Maybe I'm just a good bargain hunter 😉
  5. Thanks everyone ... I'm taking it that there is no news of a scheduled dry dock for the Sea Princess anytime soon.
  6. Greetings CC brains trust 🙂 Does anyone have any information about the Sea Princess and possible upgrades / dry dock happening before she starts sailing again? I notice that her sister ship, the Sun, has both a new Koi Seafood Bar as well as SHARE by Curtis Stone restaurant... yet my poor Sea Princess still only has the Sterling Steakhouse (which is just a cordoned off part of the Horizon Court Buffet). The Sun class ships are my favourite Princess ship by far, but I'm feeling a bit disappointed that my poor old Sea is getting left out. Any clues? Thanks all! Cheers, Vickie.
  7. Hi everyone, I am hopefully going to be cruising on the Sea Princess next February with a stop in Adelaide and am looking for suggestions of how previous travellers have gotten themselves into Adelaide. The closest car hire is 25 minutes away from the port... so apart from Uber's or taxis, can anyone let me know if there are shuttle buses etc? Thanks - stay safe all! Cheers, Vickie.
  8. Hi everyone! Sitting here in Brisbane, Australia. Basically we are shut down and will be for at least another 4 weeks. We are allowed out for essential groceries, exercise (no more than 2 people together), work if absolutely necessary, medical appointments and looking after relatives. Hubby is a nurse and there's been excellent preparations here - his major public hospital only has 7 cases total, with 1007 total for the whole state. I am a teacher aide and go back to school after our Easter Break finishes tomorrow. We will have children of essential workers attending class so that their parents can continue to work. Very strange times indeed ... but I did manage to pay off my February 2021 cruise yesterday, using the FCC that I received from our cancelled Diamond cruise. There is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 Stay safe everyone!
  9. Yes, an Australian booking... what a shame. My own fault though as I shouldn’t have assumed that all cruise lines have the same policy. Chalk it up to experience. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello everyone. I booked a 10 day Pacific islands cruise in late February - sailing date 24 Nov 2020 - and paid the non refundable deposit. Yesterday I found that the price had dropped over $700 so rang to ask for my existing booking to be refared. I was told this wasn’t possible as they change prices all the time. I could rebook (there were still cabins available, including the ones either side of my existing booking) but would lose my original deposit in do ng so. Does this sound right?? I’ve never cruised RCL before but all other cruise lines I’ve sailed with would happily refare within 181 days of sail date. Any advice appreciated before I sit in the phone queue again today. 😊
  11. Taking my Mum and Dad on their first ever cruise then watching them become cruise tragics! They saw so many parts of the world from the deck of a Princess ship 💜
  12. Interesting! I've just bought travel insurance through 1Cover for our Australian based cruise in February 2021 and this note popped up as I was being transferred to the payment page ... it would seem as though insuring for future cruises is going to be ridiculously expensive and highly exclusionary. Please Note - Our PDS contains the below general exclusions. We will not pay a claim if it arises from, is related to, or associated with: - an actual or likely epidemic or pandemic or the threat of an epidemic or pandemic; - the mass media has indicated the existence or potential existence of circumstances that may affect your travel; - at the time you purchased the policy, you were aware of something that would give rise to you making a claim The PDS also contains other general exclusions. Please carefully read the PDS and consider whether this policy is appropriate for you having regard to your situation and needs"
  13. M009 on Diamond Princess, due to depart March 15th has just been cancelled, in fact all Diamond cruises through to April 20 are. Received my email at 4.35pm Brisbane time. Well done Princess for giving us early notice. Time to start looking for my replacement cruise 🙂
  14. It's the Kooralbyn Resort ... https://www.beaudeserttimes.com.au/story/6620817/state-mp-confirms-quarantine-arrangements-for-kooralbyn-resort/
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