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  1. Currently on the ship, and my thoughts are “meh” this won’t go down as my favorite cruise by far. They’re Implementing new procedures as they go, the buffet for example you can’t get what you want, and staff has to serve you. It’s not too bad, but it’s a little nerve racking.
  2. Hello, I'm currently aboard the NCL Joy, and the wifi here is abysmal, to the point where getting anywhere near 1-4mbps is pure luck. I've subscribed to their, unlimited streaming plan, and at this point I'd be more comfortable calling it the unlimited buffering plan... but I digress. This isn't my first cruise, and this isn't the first time I've purchased unlimited internet. What I will say is the speeds are so abysmally slow, and when speaking to the internet manager wasn't helpful, as his response was, "oh it's satellite internet". When I cruised back in November 2018, on the sister ship the bliss I was getting during peak times, download speeds of 14 mbps, and at off peak times speed of 40 plus. At this point, i’m just not sure what I can do.
  3. It seems like you might not have to cancel as they have a new "peace of mind" thing: https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/book-with-confidence?intcmp=pro_hp_PEACEOFMIND Where you can change the date of sailing, minus insurance. Which seems to be something they introduced a few hours ago, because I was asking them about something like this and they didn't say anything about it tom .e.
  4. I've been on many a cruise, and always forgot to pack some high end TP. Does the cruise line offer more premium TP than what's standard / normally available in the rooms (I'm in a balcony). I sincerely doubt people paying 40k for the the haven suites are subject to the sandpaper currently provided in the the cheaper rooms, but are their other options? Many thanks.
  5. At this point I'm planning on going! Stupid question not relating to the original post, how's the food? Anything you'd 100% recommend / suggest avoiding?
  6. I mean sure... but while the numbers are growing at a fairly rapid rate it gets a bit scare, fairly fast.
  7. Thanks for that info! At this point everything seems to point to going!
  8. Fair enough, 26 days, until the cruise, I think I'll wait 25 days, instead of doing anything rash.
  9. I chose the non platinum booksafe, $100 per person plan.
  10. Sure... But I had my vaccinations. If there was a corona vaccine, I'd worry significantly less.
  11. While I understand cruise line is (seemingly) taking precautionary measure, is it really safe / logical to take a 7 day cruise to Mexico with 4500 people in relatively close quarters during what seems to be a high stress developing epidemic? If I have to cancel what are my options I chose the cheapest insurance method directly through NCL? Thanks greatly, Eric
  12. It's March 08. I mean It gets cold at night regardless, at least on the balcony! I was more curious about the ship vs the actual cruise as I've only been on the Mexican rivera cruise, though sadly not on any other cruise.
  13. That's what I though too, I booked a mini suite before and it felt the same as the balcony. Honestly I would of paid the upgrade fee if there was a bigger balcony, but alas, I don't terribly feel comfortable taking baths on a cruise ship.
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