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  1. How to get the best prices for a massage? Pre cruise, Diamond discount, etc?
  2. Are you on the 5/9/19 sailing? We are and staying at Hampton Inn.
  3. I work for an airline, it is easiest to just leave the boosters at home. You won't be able to use them on the train, plane, but I don't know about the shuttle. I would just uber from a hotel. Usually, hotel shuttles are signed up for in advance, or it is first come, first serve. I have dealt with that in the past without my kids in Florida and would not want to do that again.
  4. We are staying by Newark Airport at the Hampton Inn then Ubering over to the port. You can get from Penn Station to the Newark Airport Station and the hotel will pick you up from there. However, there is no shuttle to the pier from the hotel. Breakfast is included. I used to live in NJ and would not suggest staying in Newark itself. Newark Airport is in Elizabeth.
  5. TSA in Orlando is why I purchased TSA precheck. You can be there for hours
  6. What is the earliest flight you have caught after getting off the Anthem out of Newark Airport?
  7. I think we were paged when we were in the show. My child got hurt in the AO.
  8. Which Royal Caribbean ships have passengers that "live" onboard? Which ones have an emotional support animal that live onboard too?
  9. There are certain documents that we need, observation of the animal, and a few other things. Each airline is different. However, ours the passengers are supposed to be pre-approved for travel with the animal, could be a cat too. We are trained on the documents and the entire processs.
  10. So, pretty much he is saying that his dog is a fake. Since most people with Emotional Support or Service Dogs are glad to speak with anyone about what their dog does. I work for an airline and am in the position to approve/deny animals at the airport. Wow, and even airlines have a max of 1 support animal per person. Does the first dog int he double stroller need an emotional support dog too?
  11. Has anyone done both and would like to comment? I was thinking of Celestyal for Greece. Do they do reciprocal agreement with other cruise lines cruiser program? Thanks.
  12. My worst cruise was out of San Juan after the hurricane last year. RCI gave locals a great deal to sail. In terms, lower the quality of the food. I hear it was worse the week before but ours was quite different than regular sailings. I even saw some Diamonds getting a lot of friends in the Diamond lounge which usually doesn't happen either. Just would not want to repeat that sailing.
  13. How is Labadee? I haven't been there in ages and am going in May. Are the paid things to do worth it?
  14. I book as early as possible since we love the aft cabins.
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