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  1. Well it took me 4 days but I finally got Cruise Critic to let me log on. I am on the Island also. Having a great time. I do have a question and I hope someone can answer me. I am looking to buy Mexican Vanilla Extract, any suggestions on where to get it? Anything I should look for or avoid? I found Jamaican vanilla but didn’t know if it was as good.
  2. I am on the Island now. Having a great time but haven’t found that small try of pastries yet. That’s probably a good thing though, less calories. 😁
  3. I took this cruise last year. The ship is like a building, unless you go outside the temperature is comfortable throughout. I am usually cold and the most I needed at dinner was a light sweater.
  4. We will be on the Island Princess for the Panama Canal cruise in October 2019. We are planning on taking the rainforest aerial tram tour out of Limon. I have an auto immune disease so I will need to be cautious and will check with my doctor on what they suggest. I have purchased the deet wipes and will also purchase the spray for my clothes. That leads me to my question, has anyone done this excursion? What type of clothes and footwear do you suggest? Would sneakers be ok? Water shoes are suggested on other tours but not this one. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. I am a Princess cruiser but will be booking my first HAL cruise tomorrow. I have a few questions that I didn’t see while skimming the last 167 pages 😁. Is there a ‘coffee card’? At the Exploration Cafe are the pastries free but you pay for the coffee? I am wondering if it is similar to Princesses International Cafe. Does the library have games/cards that you can borrow to play in your cabin or elsewhere on the ship? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  6. I do remember that when boarding someone did look at my photo and said it was ok to use. It was a picture taken on our last cruise six months earlier.
  7. It’s been several months since I did it but it wasn’t to difficult. I am not tech savvy but I did figure it out. If I remember correctly I was able to do it on my iPad. Sorry I couldn’t be helpful.
  8. I believe she was on our cruise last month. I didn’t meet her but a couple at dinner one night said they spoke with her at the elite dinner earlier in the week.
  9. I don’t have a pacemaker but if I did I would talk to my doctor about this.
  10. I bought a card for my cruise last month. I had a large cappuccino every morning and 2 regular ones during the week. That’s nine coffees leaving me with 6 I didn’t use but if I had to pay for the coffees it would cost more than the card.
  11. I think the luggage guys at the port would be the best ones to answer this. If they are still taking luggage than I would leave it with them.
  12. You are correct. You cannot use Concierge until you are on the ship. They do hold classes if you need help using the apps.
  13. Took some work but I found it. Daniel Falconer was the CD on the Regal in October. He was great.
  14. Interesting. Lexi was our CD 3/17-24 but she had help. Oz, and two others (sorry but I can’t remember their names) and maybe one more. I was disappointed with the televised game shows. They weren’t promoted well and were not on the ship tv. Also the morning show was not always available. I should say say that the flu hit towards the end of our week so it is possible that she got sick. The CD we had on the Regal in October was great. Again I can remember his name but I would have bet money that he was twins or triplets. He was everywhere!
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